• Monday, April 22, 2024
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IWD 2024: Bolt partners Whispa to provide free medical access to female drivers

IWD 2024: Bolt partners Whispa to provide free medical access to female drivers

Bolt, the leading on-demand mobility company in Africa has partnered with Whispa, a telemedicine company, to provide free doctor consultations to women in Nigeria for a period of four weeks starting from March 8 2024,In commemoration of the international women’s day.

Under the partnership, both female riders and drivers will be able to get free medical assistance, discounts for follow up tests as recommended by the doctor and ride credit for individuals who need to visit the testing and healthcare centers.

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The year 2024 theme for the international women’s day is ‘Inspire Inclusion Which is proposed in helping women and girls make informed decisions about their health by providing free or discounted healthcare access to not less than 4000 women in Nigeria.

According to Yayaha Mohammed, country manager, March is women’s month and his organisation has decided to focus on women’s health this year.

“We would like to use International Women’s Month to raise awareness of several health conditions that affect women and help women in our community get access to essential services that can prove to be life-saving.”

“At Bolt, we care about providing meaningful access beyond transporting people from pick up to destination but access to healthcare and a great life for our community.”

Morenike Fajemisin, CEO & founder at Whispa Health said her organisation is committed to leveraging technology to provide convenient, affordable and confidential access to health information, products and services, particularly those tailored for women.

“In Nigeria and all over the world, women are disproportionately affected by certain health conditions like cervical cancer, endometriosis & STIs and that women’s health concerns are often dismissed or treated with levity, leading to a higher rate of under-diagnosed conditions in women compared to men,” she said.

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“Through this partnership with Bolt and in celebration of Women’s Health Month, we aim to not only fulfill our core vision of improving access to quality and shame-free healthcare ‘on the go’, but to also shine a well-needed spotlight on common Women’s Health conditions with a view to providing real solutions,” she explained.

“Ride for Women’s Health’ campaign is for women riders and drivers but also for everyone else. Interested participants can visit Bolt’s social media platforms and blog for more information on how to register,” she added.