• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Something in the air

I had been sitting in the lounge of a hospital when my daughter, who had gone in for an injection, passed out. Her loud sigh when she got the jab got me on my feet. I rushed into the injection room and found her smack on the floor. The doctor who ordered the injection looked confused when he was called in. Tongue tied, I tried to make some sounds. All I could say was, ‘Nurse water!’ The water was not coming in fast enough, and I nearly passed out myself. Eventually drenched in water, my daughter came round.

But I have been asking myself what manner of men Dr Kekere and other Doctors like him are. For a quick buck, you are ready to end a life?

Fast forward before the injection. I had told the doctor that the two injections he was going to give her were too powerful to give on an empty stomach. But he waved his hand in the air and told me it did not matter. The consequences were dire as my daughter could not manage. I had a strange feeling when I met the doctor. Something was off. He cut the picture of a failed D.J. Half dandy, half homeless. He was sober after the event. In the end, I cut off both the Doctor and the hospital. These observations and my swift reaction not only come from quick thinking and discernment but from the fact that my late mum was a medical personnel. We literally grew up around first aid, medical reactions, and how to tell if a fever is breaking.

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I had cause to speak to a young doctor friend many years ago who opened a clinic in a low-level area of Lagos. A slum. I wondered why he took his clinic there and hailed him for being altruistic. Giving your talent to the poor is good. I am so proud of you. His response cut me to the quick. Oh no, Aunty. I came here to make money. The best place to make money is from the poor. I nearly died. Oh wow!

Lately, I have heard Doctors joke among themselves. Oh, is today your day for surgery? More Money. More money! In the past, it was hard to find a doctor who performed surgery on a patient who did not need it. They would usually exhaust all options.

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Today many citizens cannot tell if a Doctor is about to take their kidney.

Many years ago, news broke in Abuja of a Medical Doctor in the Federal Ministry of Health who had risen to the level of a Deputy Director with a certificate that was not his own. One he stole from his roommate. Incredible! All these years, no one checked? It was truly disturbing.

Enter Dr Kekere in Jos who has allegedly been harvesting his patients’ kidneys. Totally insane. More people have been coming out of the woodworks after his victim got him arrested. My worry is the new display of sanity that he has adopted. How do you sleep at night? And I am certain he has accomplices. Nurses, anaesthesiologists, laboratory staff, pharmacists who were his accomplices all. A hospital ran for over a decade committing atrocities and now Nigeria Medical Association says he is not a Doctor.

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With that information, my heart escaped my chest. What! Again who is checking? You mean the association in Jos has never had cause to do an audit of all their members and their facilities?

But I have been asking myself what manner of men Dr Kekere and other Doctors like him are. For a quick buck, you are ready to end a life? Everything is a little scarier now. House helps placing stuff in people’s homes from Cult gangs so you can trust them and they can steal you blind, traders mixing dangerous produce in chemicals in order to ripen them quickly and the new kidnapping and banditry trend. Something is on the air. God help us! Amen