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Huawei plans 5G network for digital energy solution in public service, transportation

China affiliated tech company, Huawei, has introduced 11 innovative scenario-based digital energy solutions for its customers in the public services, transportation and manufacturing sectors with 5G network.

5G uses just one-tenth the energy per bit of 4G. But, 5G will create a surge in power consumption due to the traffic increase that’s predicted to total dozens of times current levels. This issue can only be addressed by thinking green from the start – at the design stage – of large-scale construction.

Peng Zhongyang, the Huawei’s board member and president of its Enterprise Business Group, who announced this during an ongoing summit organized within the framework of HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 on the theme: “Digital Energy, Powering the Low Carbon Era” by zoom in Abuja.

He said the summit explores new ICT innovations for industrial applications of “Diving into Digital for a Brighter Future” proposing three focus areas of scenario, models, and eco-system.

Zhongyang said it aims to address challenges, seize new opportunities for digital transformation, and create value for the industry by continuously working with partners.

He noted: “In the public sector, the three key solutions of City Intelligent Twins were released, namely Unified Urban Governance in One Network, Assisted Operation Service, and Zero Trust Security. It continuously helps governments transform their administrative processes, enabling the construction of a new type of smart city that is more comfortable, innovative, humanistic, resilient, and green.

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“In the energy sector, the Intelligent Power Plant solution and Smart Gas Station solution help energy industry participants achieve high-quality development and build a green, low-carbon, secure, and efficient zero-carbon smart energy system.

“In the finance sector, the Mobile Payment and the Digital CORE solution will help transform financial institutions into better ecosystem-based digital companies. It will contribute to building a fully connected, intelligent, and ecosystem-based financial sector.

“In the transportation sector, the upgraded Smart Airport, Smart ATC, and Comprehensive Transportation solutions will continue to enable convenient travel and smooth logistics, supporting customer success in digital transformation.

“In manufacturing, the Intelligent Automaker solution is intended to improve efficiency and experiences while also facilitating innovations,” he said.

Leveraging advanced ICT capabilities and years of industry experience, Huawei said it has long worked with partners and customers worldwide at various stages of digital evolution to fully support their digital transformation.

Also, Tao Jingwen, Board Member and CIO, said “Huawei has built Horiz, a digital enablement platform, based on its own transformation experience. The open platform is targeted at helping enterprises of various industries achieve digitalization and forge global competitiveness.

“Over the next five years, Huawei plans to release more than 300 tailored service solutions, establish more than 200 service standards, and develop over 800 service solution partners.

“The tech company maintains that it has, as part of its model transformation, adopted a new model of consulting, integration, and operational support to help customers succeed in digital transformation.

“Founded in 2019, the China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corporation (PipeChina) has worked with Huawei on its digital transformation journey since its establishment and strives to excel through digitalization”.

Liu Zhongyun, Vice General Manager of PipeChina, said: “Digital transformation is a complex, systematic, and long-term process. Digital platforms and data are the key to the digitalization of PipeChina, and also the foundation of diving into digital.

“PipeChina will continue to work with Huawei on digital transformation to achieve success based on shared resources, standardized architecture, converged data, capability as a service, and tailored applications.”

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