Foundation restates commitment to empowering vulnerable children, youths in Nigeria

Raised For Excellence Foundation, an NGO focused on providing counsels for children and youths has restated it’s commitment to training, mentoring young and empowering vulnerable and marginalized children and youths in Nigeria.

The foundation which has been working with children and young people in juvenile by providing counsels to improve their behavioural health, take responsibilities for their actions, reduce their incarceration time in the juvenile is founded by Juliet Ogunkunle.

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Ogunkunle the Convener of the NGO mentions that the Programme with young people at the correctional Centre is implemented through in-care projects when they are still in the centre by organizing literacy and numeracy skill training, mentorship cohorts and Child-Teenagers Justice programs.

“Recently, we included to our program an Integration (after-care) project to provide seamless transition of young people that were being released from the correctional centres. It was devastating to discover that some of the young people being released lacked access to basic care like sound education, shelter, food etc.

“To us in this project we want to empower them to become employable, gain access to jobs, internships, education, set up small businesses etc. and these are some of the areas we need partners and collaborators for impact.

“This project does not only reduce the rate of re-offending, the cost of maintenance of each young person that is jailed but also support personal development of these young people by modeling them to be change agents in the society,” Ogunkunle said.

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