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Manfriend: Riveting tale of family, betrayal, redemption amid deceit

Manfriend: Riveting tale of family, betrayal, redemption amid deceit

Once again, Africa Magic is gracing TV screens with exciting new titles this year. One of the new titles, which has more drama than an entire season of The Real Housewives of Lagos is ‘Manfriend’, an amazing series that explores the complexities of family relationships, deception, and self-discovery.

The first few episodes are already enthralling viewers as the dynamic narrative unfolds.

The story unfolds as Doosur discovers her divorced parents secretly rekindling their relationship despite her father Tersoo’s (Kunle Coker) history of betrayal, cheating and emotional abuse. Tensions rise as Doosur grapples with supporting her mother Wandoo’s (Zainab Popoola) optimism and exposing her father’s transgressions.

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The family drama extends to Doosur’s siblings – the financially savvy Dooshima (Chinonso Arubayi), who spends solely on herself and her married beau (Sir Dee), and Mimiido (Martha Ehinome), who is mastering the art of nonchalance. Doosur’s best friend, Taj (Raymond Adeka), becomes a central figure. He fights to balance their friendship and his jealous girlfriend, Tessy (Venita Akpofure). Meanwhile, Tersoo is planning a birthday cruise for his ex-wife, Wandoo, despite knowing her kids, led by Doosur, have been working on a noteworthy 50th birthday party. An unexpected twist involving an engagement with another woman grinds his cruise dreams to a halt.

As the plot unfolds, Wandoo discovers Terso’s betrayal, which involves him cheating on his fiancée with her and decides to empower herself by ending the relationship. Dorshima contemplates leaving the country with her married boyfriend, who relies on her financially, adding a global dimension to the family turmoil.

Amidst Doosur’s 50th birthday plans, Dorshima schemes to divert some of the funds Tersoo gives them towards her trip with the beau. Dooshima probably needs to see an optometrist because how can she be so blind? They say “love is blind”, but hers is on another level. Her relationship with a married man who relies on her to provide is concerning.

The story takes unexpected turns, including Dorshima’s plan to help Tersoo win back Wandoo for her benefit and Tessy’s warning for Doosur to steer clear of Taj. The narrative masterfully weaves a tapestry of laughter, cringes, and unpredictable twists.

With only four episodes released, the show’s writers filled the plot with dramatic twists and complex relationships, showcasing a mix of family dynamics, romantic entanglements, and personal struggles. The character’s conflicting emotions and decisions add layers to the storyline, making it intriguing and emotionally charged.

They portray the consequences of the parents’ rekindled relationship on the children through Doosur’s perspective. She grapples with conflicting emotions as she opposes the reunion due to her father’s past emotional abuse and infidelity. Dooshima’s decision to leave the country with her married boyfriend further accentuates the family discord. Their father’s engagement to another woman also creates a new layer of complexity, with the revelation of his infidelity stirring up turmoil.

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The compelling progression and the unexpected plot twist are captivating and raise a few questions. Why would Wandoo even think of taking back a cheating man who made her see “shege”? Why is Dooshima determined to destroy someone’s marriage and run away with him? Are Doosur and Taj secretly in love? And will Mimido ever outgrow the ‘last born’ syndrome?

In the end, “Manfriend” is a testament to the enduring complexities of family relationships, showcasing the characters’ evolution, empowerment, and the humorous chaos that ensues when secrets unravel in the pursuit of personal desires.

It is the perfect TV show for people who love chaos and love in the same story. Manfriend airs on Africa Magic Showcase every Friday at 8 pm. Catch up on old episodes via the DStv Stream app and Showmax.