• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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MRDC empowers 120 entrepreneurs in Lagos

MRDC empowers 120 entrepreneurs in Lagos

The Masterpiece Resource Development Centre (MRDC), a research and product development centre in Nigeria, has launched a management training program to empower 120 aspiring entrepreneurs in Lagos.

The program by the International Labour Organisation was tagged Start & Improve Your Business (ILO-SIYB),

Abiola Popoola, chairman of the board of MRDC said the centre wants to empower entrepreneurs to become more effective in their bid to accelerate national development.

“Entrepreneurs, by their nature, are full of energy and ideas and they want to keep the road running, but how they go depends on how much effort they have given to the journey,” he said.

He added that the whole essence of the training is to empower entrepreneurs with so much potential and help them to become even more successful by giving them the knowledge and skills they require to be effective.

Modupe Oyekunle, founder and CEO of MRDC said they have a mandate on the number of entrepreneurs to train, from the startups to the scale-ups and the network every year.

“Our network of entrepreneurs will receive funding from our faculty of mentors and Providus Bank after completing training for our 120 aspiring entrepreneurs. We will utilise the ILO-SIYB training modular program, which streamlines entrepreneurship training and certifies trainers as well.”

She noted that 12 ILO-SIYB master trainers had also been empowered to train 120 aspiring entrepreneurs.

According to Oyekunle, MRDC has built an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, which is a network of entrepreneurs who have produced coaches, trainers, mentors, and sponsors.

“We have also consulted on entrepreneurial development matters and have a strong and viable co-operative providing access to funding,” she added.

Noruwa Edokopolo, master trainer and a member of the MRDC board said the training program was set up by the ILO, saying it had helped millions of entrepreneurs over the years.