• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Firm targets school children in renewed environmental sustainability drive

Firm targets school children in renewed environmental sustainability drive

Tetra Pak, a food and beverage processing and packaging solutions firm in Nigeria has said its current environmental sustainability drive is focused on school children at the primary level.

The firm explained in Lagos that the campaign called ‘Better with Carton’ is a strategic move geared towards equipping the young ones with knowledge and values essential for fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

It added that the new drive was building from the success it garnered from its engagements with trade and distribution stakeholders in prominent Lagos markets, disclosing that as an organisation, it recognized the imperative of disseminating sustainability awareness among the youth.

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“With the triumph of our trade market activations, we are now advancing to educate children, the torchbearers of the future,” Lara Ikemefuna, the firm’s marketing manager said.

Ikemefuna revealed that the initiative aimed to educate a minimum of 150,000 primary school children, with an initial focus on 15 carefully selected schools in Lagos, comprising both government-owned and privately owned institutions. “Our objective is to contribute to shaping a sustainable world for the growth, learning, and thriving of our children,” she said.

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Stella Ondimu, the firm’s head of communication at West Africa, also explained that the campaign’s core mission was to motivate children to actively participate in environmental sustainability.

“Our focus on health, food safety, and planetary well-being necessitates mobilizing the inherent strengths of children to comprehend and champion sustainable practices,” she said.

Underlining the eco-friendly attributes of carton packaging—being bio-based, recyclable, and reusable—the ‘Better with Carton’ campaign emphasizes Tetra Pak’s longstanding commitment to safe food packaging.

The initiative signifies a paradigm shift, actively enlightening stakeholders on the inherent ecological advantages of carton packaging and fostering conscientious consumer choices.