Tetra Pak reiterates commitment to planet protection, increases recycling

Tetra Pak, foremost food processing and packaging solutions company, has reiterated its commitment to the protection of the planet through reduction of it carbon footprint, increasing recycling, protecting biodiversity and enhancing access to safe and nutritious food for people.

Unveiling its 22nd annual sustainability report, where it outlined the progress made on various aspects of sustainability throughout its business operations in 2020, the packaging company said “the last year has seen significant progress across all these areas, as well as towards our future ambitions to achieve net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050 and to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package – one that is made solely from responsibly sourced renewable or recycled materials, is fully recyclable and carbon neutral”

Commenting on the report, Adolfo Orive, President and CEO at Tetra Pak, said in a statement, “Our sustainability report reiterates the need for a comprehensive, holistic approach to sustainability – where we are protecting the food that is produced globally, the people that we work with, and the planet we live on”.

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“We are living in a decade of action and are fully committed to playing our part, both in enhancing food access and reducing environmental impact. The magnitude of the challenge, however, is such that every stakeholder and every step will count if we are to meet our sustainability ambitions. But as long as we keep innovating and collaborating, we can strive for a sustainable future that protects what’s good,” Orive said.

Also speaking, Oshiokamele Aruna, managing Director, Tetra Pak West Africa, also said, “Tetra Pak has constantly stepped up to the challenge of harnessing the inherent potential and the greater value proposition that investment in sustainability offers.”

“Food access and food insecurity have significant environmental impacts especially in West Africa, and finding a common ground between food production and environmental conservation is crucial to survival. We will continue to employ more sustainable and innovative models as well as continued innovation to advance the food packaging and processing space”, he continued.

In a bid to leverage partnerships and expand its sustainability initiatives, Tetra Pak West Africa signed a recycling agreement with Onward paper Mill to develop sustainable recycling solutions for post-consumer beverage cartons in Nigeria. The Company is also working on developing its Lagos office, with furniture made out of 100% recycled materials sourced locally, in collaboration with the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA).

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