• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Accion MfB empowers women with leadership skills

Accion MfB empowers women with leadership skills

Accion Microfinance Bank (MfB), a microfinance institution in Nigeria, has empowered women with leadership skills in celebration of the 2024 International Women’s Day.

The event which took place last week was the second edition of the leadership series. It focused on the empowerment of women and fostering inclusion.

It featured a group of female attendees from diverse sectors who shared their inspiring journeys, the challenges they overcame as women navigating their industries, and the strategies they used to achieve success.

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“We believe strongly in gender balance. Accion MfB brought to life success stories born from its commitment to empowering its female customers,” Taiwo Joda, MD/chief executive officer of Accion MfB said.

He emphasised the bank’s efforts to create a truly inclusive environment where women can thrive and the bank’s unwavering commitment to gender equality, stating that the event was not just about inspiration.

The MD underscored women’s undeniable influence in shaping societies, saying, “If you can equip a woman, you can equip a nation.”

He provided a practical example of Accion MfB’s unique culture, highlighting its approach to building a truly inclusive environment for all staff. This included initiatives like menstrual leave for women experiencing severe menstrual cramps and the availability of free childcare through a crèche. One attendee, particularly interested in women’s health initiatives, applauded the bank at the mention of these initiatives.
He further challenged the attendees with insights on propelling their businesses forward and taking charge, stating, “Your vision should scare you when you wake up in the morning.”

“Accion Microfinance Bank, with your help, I know that I am going higher,” an attendee who identified as a FMCG retailer and wholesaler said.