Netflix reviews for the week

The US Navy seal were sent in to rescue a young lady who was meant to spy on a very bad guy and bring them useful information to bring him to the books, but on getting to her rescue they find out that the issues were way beyond what they had ever thought or imagined and immediately they had to all embark on another mission that would put their lives in jeopardy all for the love of their country, I saw great men fight to save others and risk all to restore peace and tranquility in the world, the brilliant 101m long movie was directed by Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy, do not move an inch or you would miss it all, make sure you concentrate and everything will sum up at the end, they featured Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and many more.

BRAZEN (2022)
Brazen is a 2022 movie that was recently added to Netflix topping the charts, a beautiful crime, drama mystery movie that kept me clued to my screen. The 1h 34m movie told a story about a prolific writer Grace who travelled to visit her sister, who had being having issues with her husband. On arrival she meets her handsome neighbor who was a detective, a few days later her sister is murdered. This leaves her devastated and confused, she decides to join the investigating team to unveil the killer, based on her writer instincts she became really helpful to the team, a simple movie nothing extraordinary, but I liked it.

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This action thriller movie kept me fixed to my chair from start to finish I remember that I had seen it ages ago, but I just couldn’t place the storyline anymore and I was glad I checked it out. Richard Phillips was the captain of the ship, he was well trained and had being working for decades, on getting to the ship he made sure that all security measures were put in place, to make sure the crew were safe. On getting to the Somali coast, their ship gets attacked by some pirates who were actually desperate young boys who just need huge cash and would stop at nothing. Well do check it out to see how Phillip was kidnapped and how he had to fight to save his life. The 2h 14m was directed by Paul Greengrass, they featured Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Faysi Ahmed, Max Martini and many more, brilliant movie I must say I totally enjoyed this movie that was based on a true-life story.

This was a simple movie about a student who finds that photos of her were being circulated after a party she attended. She decides to dig deeper to investigate what really happened that night, as it was very unusual and details of that night seemed vague. This incident led to her losing her scholarship and she just couldn’t get over it, do check it out and see what really went down that night. The 2h 10m was directed by Wregas Bhanuteja, the drama mystery movie featured Shenina Cinnamon, Chicco Kurniawan, Jerome Kurnia and many more.

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