• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Netflix reviews

Netflix reviews for weekender


Laura was a pretty woman who worked as a top TV producer for one of the big stations in her city, she was married to her husband Tom who a top-notch district attorney in their city, together they had a daughter they loved and adored so much, they couldn’t afford to have anything happen to her. One day Laura wakes up and finds out that she had a dream or permutation of the deaths that will occur in a few days, and that her daughter would also be one of, in order to stop this menace, Laura must find the killer and have him eliminated to avoid him killing her daughter too. To achieve this Laura must work with a man called Nico, who also went through the same incidence of seeing the future, despite trying to talk with the police and her loved ones, no one believed her, so they both had to fight back with all they had to save her little daughter. The 10 episodes of season 1 were all about 43 minutes long, the series was created by Stephen Tolkin, they featured acts like Paula Patton, Devon Sawa, JR Bourne, Aria Birch, Catherin Barroll, Samanthan Ferries, Imogen Tear, Daniel Bacon, Camel Amit, Neol Johnasen, Rebecca Staab and many more.


Valentina is a young pretty lady, who love to sing and play the piano, she decides to move into a new apartment and start life again, only to realise that her neighbour works in opposite times and his work allows him to experiment things and make loads of noise, for Valentina this is a No-No, as she needs her quiet and peace, which she has lost totally to her new neighbour, in trying to talk and make peace, they find out that both buildings share one wall, despite being in 2 different districts. Well you will need to watch the entire movie to find out if Valentina moved out or found a way to manage this crisis, it was a simple romantic movie, for the romantic movie lovers out there. The 98m romantic, Spanish, comedy movie was directed by Patricia Font, they featured actors like Aitana, Fernando Guallar, Natalla Rodriguez, Adam Jexierski, Paco Tous, Alex Maruny e.t.c.

STOLEN (2024)

If you are looking for a brand-new movie, that is based on books and social issues, then you might want to check this movie out, as it might be worth your time. The movie was centred around a young woman who worked desperately to protect her native inheritance, in world where xenophobia had become the other of the day. The adverse environmental deviations were threatening reindeer herding, and the young people were opting for suicide in the face of shared nervousness. To protect her Swedish Sami community, she must track down a terrible killer and resolve their personal issues once and for all, in this emotional drama inspired by real life proceedings. The 107m Swedish, drama, thriller movie was directed by Peter Birro, they featured acts like Elin Kristina Oskai, Martin Wallstorm, Lars-Ante Wasara, Magnus Kuhmunen, Risten-Alida Siri Skum, Anne Lajla Westerfjell Kalstad, Pavva Pittja and many more.