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Meet 5 women in sports business worth over $20 billion

Meet 5 Billionaire Women in Sports Business worth over $20Billion

It’s interesting to note that numerous remarkable billionaire women are deeply engaged in sports business. Through ownership of sports teams, investments in sports-related ventures, or leadership in companies with sports affiliations, these women have made significant contributions to the sports industry. As per Forbes Billionaire List 2024, BDWeekender explores five exceptional billionaire women who are spearheading investments in sports.

Gayle Benson

Age: 77 Years

Worth: $6.1 billion

Gayle Marie LaJaunie Bird Benson stands as a prominent personality in the sports business industry, holding the distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the field with a staggering net worth exceeding $6.1 billion. At 77 years old, Benson’s entrepreneurial prowess shines through her ownership of the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League (NFL) and the New Orleans Pelicans in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her journey to principal ownership of both teams began in 2018 following the passing of her husband, Tom Benson, when she assumed the helm of these esteemed franchises.

In addition to her stewardship of the Saints and Pelicans, Benson oversees a diverse portfolio of at least ten other businesses that were once under the purview of her late husband. Despite her substantial responsibilities, she dedicates a significant portion of her time to actively managing the teams. Benson’s commitment is evident as she attends every Pelicans home game and travels extensively to ensure her presence at every Saints game across the country.

Raised in Algiers, New Orleans, Benson’s upbringing laid the foundation for her future success. She pursued her education at esteemed institutions such as St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and Holy Name of Mary schools before graduating from Martin Behrman High School in 1966. Through her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, Gayle Marie LaJaunie Bird Benson has solidified her place as a trailblazer in the world of sports business, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Denise DeBartolo York

Age: 73 years

Worth: $5.8 billion

Denise DeBartolo York, an American billionaire businesswoman, commands a significant presence in the sports world. She, along with her family, holds a staggering 90% ownership stake in the San Francisco 49ers American football team, and through 49ers Enterprises, they also own Leeds United, one of the ten most valuable teams in the NFL. Born into the lineage of construction tycoon Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. and Marie Patricia Montani DeBartolo, York’s familial ties run deep in the world of business and sports.

York’s father, Edward DeBartolo Sr., acquired the San Francisco 49ers for a modest $13 million in 1977. According to Forbes, York’s net worth stands at a formidable $5.8 billion, ranking the 49ers as the sixth most valuable team in the NFL. In 2000, Marie Denise DeBartolo York assumed control of the 49ers from her brother, Edward Jr., who encountered legal issues after overseeing the team for 23 years. Her husband, John, joins her in this journey, and together they have four children, with their eldest, Jed, currently serving as the CEO of the 49ers.

Denise’s leadership of the 49ers began during a challenging financial period for the team. However, with her astute financial acumen and adept management skills, she steered the franchise through turbulent waters, leading to its resurgence and continued success in the world of professional sports.

Janice McNair

Age: 87 years

Worth: $5.6 billion

Janice Suber McNair, the co-founder, and current owner of the Houston Texans, assumed her position after the passing of her husband, Bob McNair, in 2018. Following Bob’s demise, Janice inherited his substantial 80% stake in the NFL’s Houston Texans, elevating her to the role of principal owner of the franchise.

Leading the day-to-day operations of the team is her son, Cal, who serves as the CEO. The couple’s journey began when they met at Columbia College in South Carolina during the late 1950s, eventually settling in Houston. Bob McNair amassed his fortune through the sale of his power generator company, Cogen Technologies, to Enron for $1.5 billion in 1999. Utilizing the proceeds from this sale, he invested $600 million to acquire the 32nd NFL franchise for Houston that year. Since then, the value of the Houston Texans has surged, reaching an impressive $5.6 billion according to the Forbes Billionaires list of 2024.

Amy Adams Strunk

Age: 68 years

Worth: $1.6 billion

With a net worth exceeding $1.6 billion, Amy Adams Strunk holds the reins as the controlling owner of the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans. She assumed control in March 2015 following a familial transition. Amy inherited a portion of the Titans from her father, Bud Adams, the team’s founder, upon his passing in 2013.

Before her leadership role with the Titans, the 68-year-old was involved in managing the family’s car dealerships, oil interests, and horse breeding endeavours. Notably, in October 2022, Adams Strunk finalized an agreement with the city of Nashville to construct a new state-of-the-art stadium for the Titans for $2.1 billion. Before Amy’s ascension to controlling owner, the position was held by her sister, Susie Adams Smith, whose husband, Tommy Smith, served as the team’s president and CEO.

Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal

Age: 64 years

Worth: $1.3 B

Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal serves as a general partner of the New York Yankees, the most valuable team in baseball with an estimated worth of $7.1 billion. Her father, George Steinbrenner, spearheaded a consortium of investors that acquired the team from CBS for $10 million in 1973.

The Steinbrenner family’s influence extends beyond the Yankees, collectively holding over 25% ownership of the YES Network, a 20% stake in MLS’s New York City FC, shares in Legends Hospitality, and a 10% interest in the Italian soccer club AC Milan. Following George’s passing in 2010, Jennifer and her three siblings inherited an estimated one-fourth of his estate each.