• Friday, March 01, 2024
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M.I, Isime, Mr Eazi speak on affiliation with Glenfiddich


Top Nigerian celebrities, M.I ‘The Guy’, Nancy Isime, and Mr Eazi, Glenfiddich’s brand collaborators, have spoken about why they are affiliated with the Premium single-malt scotch whisky brand.

The three celebrities who were also given the title of Mavericks have said how excited they are to be affiliated with a brand that very well aligns with their brands.

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Speaking during the Unveiling of the Limited-Edition Collection of the Glenfiddich 12YO, 15YO, and 18YO, an occasion to also celebrate the 63rd Nigeria Independence Celebration, M.I who represents the 18-year-old Glenfiddich explained that the texture and smoothness of the brand is unrivaled.

“Go and ask about people that care about quality and pedigree, and ask about the whisky they love to take, you’ll find out it is Glenfiddich.

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“This is such a fabulous whisky and that was why when I was asked to collaborate with this brand, it was an honor for me. This is a brand I use, and whenever I go out with my friends, this is the brand that I purchase. Seeing how the brand has created a special package for Nigeria, our identity, and for Independence Day is so amazing. It is a brand of pedigree for a people and a nation of pedigree. Coming together to celebrate us is so beautiful.” M.I said.

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Mr Eazi who also spoke at the event said he was excited to represent the 15-year-old Glenfiddich.

“The middle of everything in your career is when you get to year seven. From year seven, it is like you are starting again and after the first seven, the next seven is 14 and the next time you are starting again is on the 15 and I feel like sometimes, the mark of growth is being able to start afresh.

“So, for me, this just signifies movement and signifies ‘Where Next’. I am affiliated with the brand because of its attention to detail. I visited the distillery where the brand was made and watched the process that goes behind the making of the product, the care and the preciseness. This is what my brand stands for. The Glenfiddich brand aligns with my brand. It doesn’t feel like a campaign. It’s more natural,” he explained.

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For Nancy Isime, celebrating independence, Nigeria, and its futuristic ambition through the occasion is exciting. Isime said the new sleeve of the 12-year-old bottle was designed by her with some assistance from professionals of the brand.

” My signature is on this, and we will be selling it to a very limited crowd. When you open your 12-year-old Glenfiddich today, you’ll find Nancy Isime right there.” she added.

The event served as a celebration of three Bold Mavericks who embody the essence of freedom and exemplify cultural significance, forward-looking aspirations, and empowering viewpoints which are the reflections of the Glenfiddich brand.