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Femi Oyedipe, Co-Founder/CEO of Loshes Chocolate

Femi is the Co-Founder/CEO of Loshes Chocolate. Being self driven and passionate, it was time for Femi to add real value and provide impactful solutions to bridge gaps that have existed within our clime for a while. The gap had birthed the need to create innovative solutions towards sustainable and development goals, thereby utilising the collective attributes of people and channeling these energies to drive value within an existing value chain.

Oyedipe had her eyes on a job she was going to start when she came back from the U.S in 2015, and it was supposed to take her on a totally different career path. When it didn’t come through, she was upset and disappointed. It was in the midst of this disappointment, that the inspiration to make chocolates came.

Her current project is transforming cocoa, a natural and readily available resource, into fine chocolate products, creating employment, improving communities, promoting good health and wellbeing, improving gender balance and value across the entire cocoa and manufacturing value chain.

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Loshes Chocolate thrives on the collective strength, innovation, diversity and genuine intent to create value, and is poised to become the household name for chocolate confections across Africa.

They started Loshes Chocolate on the premise to offer premium quality chocolate to consumers of all age groups and associated preference. Their products are diverse and suited to cater to the different demographic needs, including milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and cocoa derivatives. They offer as well, customised chocolate products for all social and corporate events.

Loshes Chocolate prides themselves in their commitment to quality, taste, brand and service delivery, hence their core values are hinged on this philosophy for doing business. Every chocolate bar, praline or truffle, is a story of culture, our African heritage and awesome experience.

Their mission is to own and establish a chocolate processing plant suitably located in Lagos, to run a one-of-a-kind chocolate showroom, a boutique showroom showcasing the diverse confectionery and services they offer, and to capture local market with focus on borderless expansion.

Before launching Loshes, Femi was Head, Human Capital Department at AINA BLANKSON, where she advised on all core HR functional areas. She developed and implemented policies for organisational development and structure towards best practice.

Oyedipe was also responsible for coordinating bi-annual manpower audit towards meeting the overall set objectives of the Firm. She also worked closely with the Managing Partner in determining the staff training needs towards manpower development. Femi continuously improved the Human Resource processes and procedures towards achieving international best practices.

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