• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Toyota unfolds 3-year new product offensive plans

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The next 36 months will be a torrent of Toyota news. At first glance, Toyota’s product lineup appears complete. There are gaps, and some products, like the Sequoia, could do with more than an aesthetic refresh.
Toyota seems to realize it could be even stronger as a brand, and, according to a report, it is ready to pursue an aggressive product offensive.

Bob Carter, executive vice president of sales at Toyota Motor North America, was quoted as saying At Toyota’s annual holiday party in Detroit, Roadshow that the market can expect 31 new announcements from us over the next 36 months. At almost one per month for three years, that’s a heavy pace for any company.

Of course, they won’t all be new cars or meaningful refreshes, with extra trim levels on existing vehicles making up a portion of the upcoming announcements.

It is also likely to include some of the things already known about, including all-wheel-drive versions of the Avalon and Camry sedans and a redesign of the Toyota Highlander. However, that still leaves plenty on the table.
Admitting that Toyota is understandably cautious about its future plans, he said, ‘’What you can expect from us is ten new products, either refreshed products, derivative products or products that are currently not in either of the brands’ lineups to be introduced over the next year’’.