• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Toyota dealership forum explains brand care essence


One of the prime considerations is returns on investment among auto dealerships in today’s automotive business in Nigeria. But at Elizade Nigeria Limited (ENL), the Toyota dealership go extra mile every year beyond corporate profit drive to making sure that its customers both individual, government and corporate fleet owners derive the best possible value driving the Toyota brand through quality after-sales service and spares.

Generally, new cars are fully redesigned every four years. Occasionally, the model cycle for a specific car or truck lasts more than six years. In between redesigns, every year, models are given a face-lift to help keep them looking fresh and more enticing.

It was the importance attached to automotive care that ENL once in a year meets its customers to keep them abreast of the current happenings with the Toyota family.

Last week in Lagos, ENL organised the 2019 ‘Drivers Education Forum’ with the theme ‘’Toyota MY Ride, Elizade my Choice’’, in an event that attracted several Toyota drivers drawn from the diverse customer base from different parts of the country.

The one-day brainstorm presented an opportunity for ENL after-sales service to educate the audience on the ‘principles and rules of engagement’ that should be adhered to by the customers if they are to get the best performance from their vehicles.

Adaghe Osazuwa Joseph, manager in charge of accounts and finance, while making a presentation to the audience on behalf of Demola Omotosho, after-sales service manager of Elizade Nigeria Limited said some of the benefits of the drivers education programme is to give customers regular update on Toyota products, to carry out a continuous improvement  (joint kaizen exercise) to customers, to open doors to new opportunities, giving customers that confidence of Toyota ownership, allow room for positive growth and positive improvement.

The expectations of ENL dealerships across the country according to Adaghe Osazuwa Joseph is to know more about vehicle operations, to eliminate or prevent related problems by securing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance or repairs.

Other expectations is to identify and know-how preventive maintenance will help reduce the possibility of vehicle failure and reduce the risk of accident, improved knowledge of the important roles that safety plays in Toyota customers operations such as enthroning safety standards among drivers as well as having a broad knowledge of tyre maintenance.

The ENL drivers’ forum was told by the facilitator that the dealership expects the participants to show interest in learning new things whenever the opportunity arises. He said that potential benefits are really huge with nothing to lose.  After the presentation, the audience took turns to ask questions that had to do with service guidelines and procedures including tyre fitment tips.