• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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New Volt to be more ‘ordinary’ – GM


From General Motors (GM) comes a report that Chevrolet’s latest promo video for the second-generation Volt extended-range battery car does not give a lot of detail, but concentrates instead on GM’s efforts to make the Volt more like an ‘ordinary’ car.

According to Andrew Farah, Chevy Volt’s chief engineer, in a the video clip, he stated, “We want to take the car a little more mainstream, but still keep all those things that our first Volt customers really liked and told us they liked. We tried to make those things better and the things they said they didn’t like, we actually tried to fix those and get those off the list.”

He has, however, promised that the revamped and upgraded 2016 Volt will have better acceleration, tighter steering and a longer range on battery only.