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LASTMA to deploy traffic violation cameras, video by 2020

LASTMA trafic

Effective first quarter of 2020, traffic management in Lagos state will be completely overhauled to be more efficient and less physically confrontational between the motorists and officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) in a bid to improve road traffic management problems in Lagos State through the deployment of handheld cameras to be used by its men across the state.

As at the time of filing this report, the first batch of these cameras which are capable to recording both still pictures and videos real-time are on mock trial in selected parts of the metropolis and being used by some LASTMA men in different parts of the state.

It is believed that the technology tagged-Traffic Management Solution (TMS), will improve Lagos traffic control, and enhance the efficiency of LASTMA operations in the metropolis that is densely populated by vehicles.

Adetimiro Olusegun, a LASTMA controller stated that the technology captures traffic violations in real time as they occur, without the threat of harm to the traffic officers and without creating further traffic flow obstructions.

It also executes fast, easy and accurate vehicle roadworthiness compliance checks, thus making Vehicles Inspection officers more effective. The solution also processes automated paid parking solutions on designated and newly created spaces along major streets sides.

According to LASTMA, the traffic management solutions will also ensure the “electronic verification of the authenticity of drivers’ licences, vehicle licences and number plates across the entire state’’.

Captured violations by motorists especially private car owners will be reviewed in LASTMAs violation processing centre to verify beyond any reasonable doubt that a traffic violation was committed and that, the correct corresponding value of the legal fine is attached to it. This significantly reduces erroneous violation notifications being sent to vehicle owners.

As part of the violations process, every vehicle owner has a right to challenge a captured violation of their vehicle by clicking the challenge button on the LASTMA website/mobile application.

The court will be provided with a stored video and picture evidence of the captured offence and the vehicle owner will be allowed to explain to the court why the evidence should be disregarded. The court’s ruling and decision on the matter is final.

Violations notification to the vehicle owner caught on camera or video can come through automated text messages, issuance of tickets, client app notifications, free online checks, shortcodes and at the point of annual vehicle license renewal.

The planned LASTMA new traffic management systems according to sources brings numerous advantages including but not restricted to the creation of over 5,000 jobs within the first six months, the resolution of the perennial traffic gridlock issues caused by traffic violations within the densely vehicular populated areas of the state.

Apart from serving as a very significant source of revenue for the state, it will eradicate the scourge of payment of bribes to traffic officers, as only electronic payments guarantee the clearance of a violation from the violator’s list.
It will also serve the purpose of electronic verification of the authenticity of driver’s and vehicle licences and number plates across the state. This will significantly assist the state government in achieving its goal of clamping down on motorists with fake licenses and number plates and other violations.