• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Fans react to Air Peace CEO’s threat to sue NFF over foreign coach


Air Peace CEO Allen Onyema’s threat to sue the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for hiring a foreign coach for the Super Eagles has sparked reactions on social media, with fans buzzing about the news.

Onyema’s call for a local coach for the Super Eagles, reported by BusinessDay on Monday, has ignited reactions on social media as fans hold diverse opinions on the matter.

This sparked a flurry of discussions on X (formerly twitter), with many football fans expressing divergent views on the matter.

Some echoed Onyema’s sentiments, advocating for a local coach, while others criticized his involvement in football affairs, suggesting he focus on his airline business instead.

Nakos @steevyben on X pointed out that Onyema should prioritize his aviation business, quipping, “The NFF is not the Nigerian Flight Federation, please concentrate on aeroplane business.”

Similarly, Chukwuemeka 007 @austin_alpha5 urged Onyema to stick to aviation matters, stating, “Mr Air Peace, face aviation and leave football matters for the administrators.”

Contrarily, Lifeissues11 @AGINAS argued for meritocracy in coaching selection, emphasizing qualifications over nationality: “Let them hire whoever is qualified for the job regardless of nationality.”

Heartbreakryan LFC @Ryan_millionz echoed this sentiment, asserting, “They can hire whoever’s best for the job regardless of where they come from!”

Meanwhile, Treasure Eleojo Abraham @loveanswersall suggested that Onyema should focus on reducing flight prices, highlighting misplaced priorities: “Instead of you to reduce flight rate wrong priorities.”

Amid the criticism and backlash, some Nigerians are however in support of the Air Peace CEO’s stance on appointing a Nigerian coach for the national team.

Ajuba101 @ajuba101 emphasised the capability of local legends stating that he feels it is an insult to Nigerian football legends who he believes are more capable of doing the job.”

“You have my support in doing so. Personally, I have always felt it is an insult to our legends who I think are more capable of doing the job. The understanding between players and coaches will be warmer and clearer. Also, they get the money that foreign coaches are getting,” Ajuba101 @ajuba101 said on his X handle

Another fan Olusegun Peters Jr @OluPetersJr said: “Honestly! It’s high time they stop that madness. Will Oyinbo countries hire a Nigerian to coach them?”

Sani Aminu Muhammed @SaniAminuMuham4 added: “I support him, we should use a local coach.”

These contrasting views underscore the complexities of coaching appointments in Nigerian football.

The NFF is expected to announce the new Super Eagles coach by April, ahead of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in June.