• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Chess enthusiasts celebrate Deborah Quickpen’s epic match against Tunde Onakoya

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In a historic event to raise awareness for chess in Nigeria, national women’s chess champion, Deborah Quickpen, faced Guinness World Record holder Tunde Onakoya in a thrilling match organised by Daniel Ford International (U.K) in Lagos.

The match drew significant attention from the chess community and beyond, highlighting the talents of both players and their contributions to promoting the game in Nigeria.

Deborah Quickpen, fondly known as DebbyQuick, has become a sensation in the chess world. Her journey began at just three years old, with her professional career taking off at five during the NBA Chess Tournament in Lagos.

Now 11, Deborah continues to impress with her skill and dedication, earning her the title of the new chess queen among fans.

The match against Onakoya, who is also the convener of Chess in Slums Africa and holder of the record for the longest marathon chess game, showcased Deborah’s resilience and talent. Despite trailing 4-1, she rallied to secure a 4-4 draw, a feat that garnered praise from fans and fellow chess enthusiasts.

One Twitter user, @promotingqueensv, lauded her comeback, stating, “What a stunning turnaround by @deborahquickpen! From a 4-1 deficit to a 4-4 draw! Kudos to @Tunde_OD for fostering the growth of chess in Nigeria!”

Similarly, engineer and chess lover Yitzhak Fish @OlaYitzhak24 commended her speed and skill, calling her “really quick like her name.”

Fashion designer Igbokwe Nonxo @IgbokweNonxo expressed his admiration for Deborah, despite the match ending in a draw, while Raymedy @GozyRay praised her bravery and fighting spirit, acknowledging her strategic opening choice and perseverance.

Onakoya himself expressed excitement at playing against the young champion, tweeting, “I’m about to play Nigeria’s National Women’s Chess champion of all ages, 12-year-old @deborahquickpen, in support of her participation at the @FIDE_chess World Cup in Georgia later this month.”

Deborah Quickpen shared her enthusiasm ahead of the match, stating, “It’s Time!!! I’m playing Guinness World Record Holder for the longest marathon chess game and founder of Chess in Slums Africa @Tunde_OD in preparation to represent Nigeria at the upcoming @FIDE_chess world cup in Georgia.”

The match between Deborah Quickpen and Tunde Onakoya not only highlighted the talent and potential of Nigerian chess players but also served as an inspiring event for the local and international chess communities.