• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Transformative Leadership: A Paradigm Shift for Nigerian Legislators

Cross-section of the Nigerian Legislators who attended the TEXEM Programme.

In a dynamic global landscape where governance demands continual adaptation, Nigerian legislators find themselves at the forefront of multifaceted challenges. Recognizing the imperative for strategic leadership, TEXEM UK recently orchestrated an illuminating in-plant programme, “Strategic Leadership through Parliamentary Oversight,” in collaboration with the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS). Held from the 12th to the 16th of February, 2024, at the esteemed Hilton London Kensington, this bespoke initiative proved to be a pivotal juncture for Nigerian legislators to delve into transformative leadership principles tailored to their context.

The programme’s agenda was meticulously crafted, spanning a spectrum of pertinent topics vital for effective legislative stewardship. Commencing with immersive experiences such as tours of Arsenal and the House of Commons, delegates were immersed in environments fostering insightful dialogue and cross-cultural exchange.

Distinguished faculty, including luminaries like Prof. Nicholas Cheeseman, Prof. John Peters, Ambassador Charles Crawford, and Hon. James Duddridge MP, spearheaded sessions brimming with expertise and practical wisdom. Professor John Peters, reflecting on the programme, remarked, “It was a privilege to explore Transformative Leadership for Legislative Excellence on behalf of TEXEM With Nigerian Senators and Federal Representatives facing a wide range of dynamic and complex challenges, the programme was apposite and explored successful applications across African for the participants to gain new insights into adaptive new strategies. The dialogue generated was insightful, vibrant and pragmatic with members leaving with new tools to apply back in the legislature. I celebrate TEXEM for the design, their actionable methodology and impressive capacity to bring together illustrious leaders.”

Each day unfolded with precision, addressing critical facets of governance and leadership. From Prof. Cheeseman’s elucidation on optimizing oversight functions to Prof. Peters’ discourse on transformational leadership, the agenda was a tapestry of invaluable knowledge. Ambassador Crawford’s insights on effective stakeholder communication and conflict resolution added a nuanced dimension to the discourse, equipping delegates with essential skills for navigating the intricacies of governance.

However, beyond the structured sessions lay a vibrant tapestry of dialogue, networking, and shared experiences. Delegates seized the opportunity to engage in informal discussions, fostering camaraderie and collaborative learning. Testimonials from participants echoed sentiments of gratitude and empowerment, underscoring the programme’s efficacy in equipping them with actionable strategies for legislative excellence.

The culmination of the programme was marked by a tangible sense of inspiration and camaraderie. Armed with newfound insights and fortified by a network of peers and mentors, Nigerian legislators departed Hilton London Kensington with a renewed sense of purpose and resolve.

In retrospect, TEXEM UK’s in-plant programme stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic leadership. As Nigerian legislators chart a course towards a future defined by progress and prosperity, the lessons gleaned from this endeavour will undoubtedly serve as guiding beacons, illuminating the path towards legislative excellence and societal advancement.

“It was a pleasure to take part in another TEXEM session in London. There was a strong group of Nigerian legislators in attendance who were given the time and space to reflect on their role and interact with some stellar speakers from academia, business, and politics. All too often politicians, myself included, get caught up in the short term. These sessions allow you to take a step back and review your personal goals and ambitions alongside colleagues on a cross-party basis. Parliaments should do more to invest in the collective development of legislators, and this will lead to better results from better politicians.” – Sir James Duddridge KCMG MP

“A fascinating day in which I learned as much as I taught, that covered everything from kick-starting development in difficult contexts to strengthening legislative scrutiny and the valuable but often unappreciated role that National Assemblies have sometimes played in defending democratic institutions – for example by protecting term-limits in countries such as Nigeria and Zambia.” – Dr. Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy and Director of the Centre for Elections, Democracy, Accountability, and Representation (CEDAR) at the University of Birmingham.

“A pleasure to share ideas and experiences through Texem with this wise and engaged group of Nigerian legislators. We adopted TEXEM’s winning methodology and explored in depth different aspects of the key idea that “It’s not what you say – it’s what they hear!” Ambassador Charles Crawford, Former British Ambassador to Bosnia and Winner of the equivalent of two Oscars.

“This programme is critical, contemporary and relevant in these times. Effective oversight, high quality representation and superlative national comparative advantage and progress are not mere aspirations; they are the outcomes of deliberate action guided by strategic visions and unwavering commitment.”-Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder of TEXEM, UK

The Legislators also had this to say about the programme;
“…I got the best, the program’s content, the kind of people that facilitated the program … top world-class people, and I learnt a lot. So many things; in honesty, in leadership style, in thinking, in managing my time, in thinking about my constituency. I want to do it differently.” – Hon. Aliyu Bappa Misau FCNA, Member, Federal House of Representatives, Nigeria.

“Well, I like the lecturers. They have done very well, precise in their delivery, very accurate, very incisive and educative. The program is very educative, and so I like them and they come on time. They make us happy. Well, two things I’ve learned … I learned that as a legislator, firstly, I must succeed in the plenary. What I mean by plenary is that my constituents must see me as performing in the plenary, and they must also see me as being with them back in the constituency, I have to balance the two.

And then secondly, I have learned that as a leader, I must bring real change. I must give directive. Until the vision is achieved, you don’t have to rest. You must … ensure that real change, real transformation takes place. When I go back… what I will do…differently? Leadership is about transformation, so I must do things that will transform them, get them … the real change they want. ” – Senator Emmanuel Memga Udende

“The program is the total package. It takes care of the capacity building aspects as well as mental health, physical health and so many other things. So it’s all- inclusive and it’s quite beneficial… So it’s quite interesting, it’s practical, it’s result-oriented and you can always apply the principles and the expected result is achieved, so it’s okay.” – Hon. Solomon Wombo, Member, Federal House of Representatives, Nigeria.