• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Strategic leadership for enduring impact during volatile periods

How leaders and their organisations could develop their strategic capability to win-Professor Paul Griffith

Paul Griffith, the world’s first professor of management to lead a team to launch a rocket, will share insights into how world leaders can better manage change in the present uncertain times at the forthcoming capacity development programme of TEXEM UK.

The title of the programme is ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’ and will be delivered by Ambassador Charles Crawford (winner of the equivalent of two Oscars), Oxford-trained Professor Roger Delves and Professor Rodria Laline, Founding Director of the Harvard University Maximise Your Board Programme and Professor Paul Griffith, a London Business School alumnus.

How do you foresee the TEXEM April 2023 programme, ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’ impacting the African Leader?

The programme offers a broad range of topics to support African Leaders in developing the skills and capabilities required to fulfil their leadership potential in the 21st Century.

The TEXEM programme will also equip leaders with actionable skillsets that will help them inspire their team and organisation to solve societal challenges better and, in the process, enhance their core competence to harness the limited opportunities available in turbulent times.

Tell us briefly about your unique experiences and how it will assist the Global/African Leader in handling the present leadership challenges they are facing?

In my executive career working in the oil & gas, telecoms and space industries, my roles always involved creating new business models, leveraging new technologies and driving profitable growth, so I have actually led organisations in these circumstances. In addition, working as an educator and consultant, I have engaged with global organisations to support their executives in developing themselves and implementing best practice thinking for the benefit of themselves, their teams and their organisations.

I will also leverage TEXEM’s proven and tested methodology that has consistently made learning fun, engaging, stimulating, impactful and memorable for over 4000 executives in the past 13 years.

How would you advise organisations to position themselves to gain from participating in this programme?

Encouraging executives to be lifelong learners is the starting point for any organisation with the ambition to succeed.

This TEXEM programme will encourage peer-to-peer learning through the group task that will be assessed and will help participants to enhance their social capital and help their organisations to forge critical alliances with key stakeholders, which could be a resource that is difficult to imitate and is necessary for unlocking scarce value.

What possible experience should executives look forward to during TEXEM’s forthcoming programme titled ‘Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods’, which holds between 15 April to 6 May 2023, to the African Leader?

Executives can expect to be introduced to new ideas and frameworks that will give them a toolkit to apply in their organisation to drive their strategic leadership capabilities forward. Executives will learn from leading thinkers and educators, sharing best practice approaches to strategic leadership engagingly and practically.

The TEXEM, UK Strategic Leadership For Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods, combines self-paced study and live sessions. Participants will study for an average of one hour every day between 15 April to 6 May, and there will be live sessions every Saturday for four weeks. The experience has been gamified such that participants will get points ranked on a league table for every article read, video watched, and comment made.

How could executives develop strategic leadership for an enduring impact in this volatile period?

In this programme, executives will be introduced to tools and concepts – they will benefit most from this programme by experimenting and applying these ideas during their time in the programme so that they feel confident to take them back into their organisation.

Furthermore, the TEXEM methodology will enable leaders to quickly spot and equip their team to harness opportunities and manage associated risks despite the operating context characterised by fast pace and stiff competition.

Thus this TEXEM programme will inspire executives with actionable insights that will enable their organisations to navigate uncertainty successfully and win.

What are contemporary strategic leadership issues affecting firms that leaders need to address, and how can they address them?

Examples of strategic leadership issues are: understanding strategic concepts and the competitive landscape, developing an innovative culture and engaging with new technologies.

To address these issues, leaders need to think more strategically and ask better strategic questions to build an environment of improved psychological safety and agile responsiveness and to develop new business models that embrace digital technologies.

Thus, this TEXEM programme on Strategic Leadership will equip executives with the requisite skillsets that will enable them to optimise their capability to anticipate, challenge, translate, influence, collaborate, relearn and unlearn for the effective and efficient attainment of goals.
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