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Linda Uneze: A business leader par excellence


Linda Uneze is the Managing Partner/Co-founder, of Maurice Xandra Solutions, an HR consulting firm. Her outstanding strategies have boosted the companies she has rendered her services to over the years to. Some of the companies include General Electric (Healthcare), NestOil, African Capital Alliance (ACA), Addax, Transcorp Group, and Obasanjo Farms, among others.

She is a certified Transformational Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.
Also, she is the Convener of the Doing Business in Nigeria Conference, a platform where business enthusiasts and professionals meet to exchange ideas that channels a greater path for their businesses. She has mentored business executives, the youth, and individuals who dared to live above limitations.

Uneze has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a B.A from Anambra State University where she graduated with First Class Honours. Some of the places she has worked include MTN Nigeria and Environmental Accord,
The business leader, who is a product of Manchester Business School, UK and Human Resource Certificate Institute US, has been consistent in solving business employer/employee-related issues as well as proffering business solutions for her clients. In this interview, she speaks about her conference and other issues.

What gave birth to DBNC?
Doing Business in Nigeria Conference is a platform where individuals who desire a positive change in their businesses meet with business experts who share their knowledge about running businesses in Nigeria. I am privy to some of the challenges and barriers that we business owners face regularly and I believe some measures can help us navigate the waves.

Not every business owner knows the right solution for their business challenges and this was one of the reasons that pushed me to create the Doing Business in Nigeria Conference.
This year’s conference touches on every area relating to business including how to pitch a business idea, how to grow your business, how to break from barriers and ways to take charge of your business. The theme for this year’s edition is “Business Unusual: Breaking Barriers.”

I am committed to empowering and supporting business professionals and small businesses and I hope that we can have more people willing to take advantage of the platform.

What are your achievements so far?
We started this conference three years ago and we have been able to achieve a lot within this short period. Attendees of previous editions of the conference have given us feedback on how the knowledge they gained has supported businesses. Also, DBNC is an avenue for attendees to network as we have business experts whose experience spans decades in various industries. Attendees have also benefited in terms of mentorship from these business professionals.

Our growth is shown in the brands that have identified with us such as Flutterwave, General Electric, GB Foods, VFD Group, UnoTelos, Environmental Accord, Interswitch, Guinness, Arravo, Landmark, Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce and more.

In what ways does DBNC support entrepreneurship?
Aside from the knowledge to be gained at the conference, there is an avenue for participants to win a grant which is obtained after they pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges. This is one way we support job creation, nation-building and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to significant levels.

As one who is conscious about pushing for the success of businesses in Nigeria, what gives you the drive?
Regardless of the limitations some businesses face, I believe with the right access, resources and knowledge they could navigate those barriers and limitations. This is where the quest for knowledge is important as businesses should position themselves to also evolve and embrace innovation and creativity to remain relevant. I run a business so encounter some of these challenges and this is a case of navigating these challenges and taking others along with me.

The third edition of the Doing Business in Nigeria Conference is on the 29th of April 2023. What should attendees be expecting from the event?
Attendees should be prepared for mind-blowing sessions with our various speakers. There will be four keynote sessions on that day, two-panel sessions, and a business pitch to get a grant. We have business professionals and owners who occupy top positions at their companies and are ready to share their journey and experience with our audience; the DBNers.

There will also be an opportunity to network with top leaders and investors and a chance to mingle at the after-party.
Not only that, we will have side some side attractions thanks to all sponsors, Guinness and others.

Where is the location of the event? Are we invited?
The venue for the conference is Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. And of course, you are invited.

As an HR consultant, what inspired you to toe this path?
I believe people are an integral part of any organisation. Without the people functioning properly, an organisation’s well-being might not be at optimal. It is with this belief that I am investing in people and businesses through training, coaching and a platform such as DBNC as it is important or all to know that a good business foundation for growth involves its people. If employees are equipped with the right resources and tools, it will keep them motivated to give their best and contribute to organizational growth.

What are some of the regular complaints you often get from employees?
Often, one of the major reasons employees leave an organisation is due to a lack of job satisfaction. Since people desire higher-paying jobs, if the job is not satisfying, they can leave. In addition, a toxic environment can push employees away. People should be able to work in an environment that will not take away their sanity. People are being empowered to prioritize their well-being and there is a wave of employees willing to take pay cuts to work in an organization where they feel valued. So, employers must ensure an enabling environment for their staff or face the potential risk of losing their talents.

You have a rich educational background with a good number of work experiences. What would you say are the factors that brought you this far?
I will say it is a combination of dedication, consistency, hard work and prioritizing what is important and necessary. There is often a trade-off whenever any decision is made. We must be willing to sacrifice that which is not so important to prioritize that which is needed.

In addition, I will give credit to my family and my team who have been supportive over the years. Whenever I talk about my success story, they are always in the picture.

And most importantly, the God factor. He is the centre of everything I do.
How can people register for the event?
To register for the event, kindly visit www.doingbusinessinnigeriaconference.net.

What is the requirement for the business pitch?
To participate, you need to register to attend the event and then send your pitch deck to the team via [email protected].

How would you define your style?
Now, this is interesting. I ensure that whatever I wear makes a positive statement yet stands me out. I love to be comfortable elegantly.

With all the work you do, do you have time for fun?
Yes. Work is fun. Lol. On a serious note, I enjoy what I do and I reward myself frequently that it has become a lifestyle. I have integrated what I enjoy doing (work) with what I enjoy (fun). So having business meetings over fine dining is a good example.