• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Kreateng Africa announces ground breaking 5-Month comprehensive Tech Bootcamp in response to overwhelming demand

Kreateng Africa announces ground breaking 5-Month comprehensive Tech Bootcamp in response to overwhelming demand

Kreateng, a leading provider of tech education and training, is thrilled to announce the launch of their upcoming comprehensive tech bootcamp, poised to redefine the learning experience for aspiring tech enthusiasts. This innovative program is a direct result of the remarkable achievements of Kreateng’s prior bootcamps, which have garnered widespread acclaim for their effectiveness and impact.

Unlike the traditional 4-week format of Kreateng’s past bootcamps, the upcoming program by the Academy is set to span an extensive 5-month duration, providing participants with an immersive and in-depth learning experience, internship and job placement interview.

This initiative also stems from an unwavering desire to bridge the Tech Skill Gap, recognizing the pivotal role of technology in contemporary society and the profound impact our organization has on the lives of those engaging in its tech bootcamps. The academy represents an intensified embodiment of the numerous inspiring testimonials arising from the organization’s bootcamps. Many individuals, now gainfully employed in the tech industry, attribute their success to the training received at KreatengAfrica.

“In four (4) years of existence of the Bootcamp initiative, we have trained over 3000 young Nigerians and children and also witnessed firsthand the transformative power of tech training on individuals. It not only culminates in gainful employment but also elevates self-confidence, self-worth, and overall career satisfaction,” Adedayo Okunfolami, CEO, KreatengAfrica asserted as he passionately emphasizes our commitment to making a positive impact on society.

By arming more individuals with tech skills, we are confident that we can effect substantial change in their lives and contribute to fostering a more inclusive workforce.

Applications for the Kreateng Comprehensive Tech Bootcamp are now open, and the program is set to kick off on 3rd week of January 2024. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply early, as space is limited.

To Apply : https://bit.ly/KreatengAcademy

website : https://kreateng.com