• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Empowering Nigeria’s SMEs To Grow From Seedling To Sequoia: Introducing SME Scale Up 2.0


In a bid to foster economic growth and tackle unemployment in Nigeria, SME Scale Up Workshop returns with an enhanced program designed to equip SME CEOs, with the tools they need to scale up their businesses and grow, sending them from Seedling To Sequoia.

The workshop aims to uplift local enterprises and provide SME CEOs with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow and expand their business.

Building on the success of the inaugural workshop, SME Scale Up 2.0 is partnering once again with Zenith Bank, UNIDO and esteemed collaborators to offer a comprehensive four-day module series themed “From Seedling to Sequoia.”

This intensive program is tailored to empower over 40 SME CEOs through immersive capability development sessions. With the support of leading agencies and companies nationwide, SME Scale Up continues its commitment to nurturing the growth and development of SMEs across Nigeria.

The workshop comprises four modules, each priced at N150,000. While attending all modules is recommended for maximum benefit, participants can choose according to their needs.

The first module starts on May 18th, followed by the second on June 1st.

What Is The SME Scale Up Workshop About?
At its core, SME Scale Up 2.0 represents a bold commitment to driving economic development and reducing unemployment rates in Nigeria. By empowering SMEs to thrive and expand, the initiative aims to cultivate a community of resilient entrepreneurs capable of catalyzing positive change and driving innovation across various sectors.
Executives and budding entrepreneurs looking to start or upscale their businesses

The SME Scale Up Workshop aspires to cultivate a community of forward-thinking individuals who will drive positive change in their respective fields. Through this initiative, they hope to contribute to the growth of a highly skilled workforce and promote innovation that positively impacts the society.

Everything You Need To Know About SME Scale Up 2.0:
1. Participants will have access to four meticulously curated modules, each priced at N150,000. These modules cover essential topics ranging from strategic planning and financial management to marketing and innovation.

2. The workshop is scheduled to commence with the first module on May 18th, followed by the second module on June 1st.

3. In a bid to drive impact, SME Scale Up Workshop has announced a range of exciting opportunities for participants, including:

a. Grants of N5 million each for the three most promising participants, provided by SME Scale Up.
b. Loan opportunities from Zenith Bank for five participants with scalable business ideas.
c. Subsidized loan facilities facilitated by Zenith Bank and the Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) for an additional five participants.
d.UNIDO’scommitmenttosupportingenvironmentallyfriendlyinitiatives,with three to five participants selected for the GCIP acceleration project.

How To Register:
Entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and aspiring business owners are encouraged to seize this unique opportunity to elevate their enterprises and contribute to Nigeria’s economic resurgence. Secure your place at SME Scale Up 2.0 by registering at https://smescaleup.org/sessions today.

Contact Information:

Read all about SME Scale Up and how to reach them here: www.smescaleup.org and follow on social media platform @smescaleup