• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Black Friday: Verve Is Offering 10% Off Everything You Buy On Konga

Black Friday: Verve Is Offering 10% Off Everything You Buy On Konga

Black Friday has never been better.

All year long, you’ve been filling your online cart with all the best, most fabulous items you really want to get – the iPhone you can’t get your eyes off, the pair of shoes that makes you go giddy, that dress you’ve already imagined yourself wearing in different breathtaking combinations, the dream laptop you can’t wait to lay your hands on… but prices have been killing your vibe up till now.

Well, load up your Verve card and get ready to empty your cart as we are now well and truly in that season of the year when the best deals are just a click away!

This Black Friday, you can get 10% off EVERYTHING you buy on Konga with your Verve card. All you have to do is go on Konga to find the item of your choice, either mobile phones, computer devices and accessories, home and kitchen appliances, fashion items and a lot more.

This offer is really as simple as it sounds – every single one of your desired items at a 10% discount when you make purchases with your Verve card – no tricks, no gimmicks.

Verve is your ever-present partner in progress; providing Nigerians and Africans the most convenient and rewarding way to make payment.

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Konga already has a track record of offering the best deals and delivering the most quality products. Over the years and as recently as 2020, their Black Market Yakata sales have been hugely successful, outstripping sales expectations by quite a margin.

So, you can rest assured that what you are getting from this solid partnership between Verve & Konga is a legit offer to spend your money safely on products you can bank on and items you can trust at discounted rates!

But you have to hurry. This offer is only available for a little while – from November 18th to December 2nd, 2021. So, hop on this moving train as soon as possible… before it’s too late and you’re left wishing you bought that item before it’s sold out.

More interestingly, you can be one of 100 people to win free prizes when you make multiple purchases with your Verve card. You know what this means? Not only are you getting the best products at amazing discounts, but you are also getting a chance to win free stuff including an iPhone 13 pro max, a Tecno mobile phone, a generator, refrigerator, or the LG 40W XBOOM!

What’s there to not love about this year’s Black Friday on Konga?