• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Bilaad Realty: Just released a new project


Bilaad Realty has long been a trailblazer in the real estate industry, and its latest project, Langkawi by Bilaad is a testament to its innovative approach. We sat down with the company’s CEO; Mr. Aliyu Aliyu to discuss the vision behind the Langkawi Project, the challenges of developing a sustainable project in Nigeria, and what it means for the future of urban living.

Q: What inspired the concept of The Langkawi Island?

A: The idea for The Langkawi Island stems from the desire to redefine the premium living standard in the modern age. We intend to create a development that not only offers exceptional comfort and amenities but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainability in the Nigerian industry. Our goal is to create a refreshing experience that provides our residents with the cozy feeling of a destination travel even while at home.

Q: How does Langkawi Island reflect Bilaad Realty’s values?

A: At Bilaad Realty, we believe in building houses that speak and communicate premium lifestyle while still upholding the tenets for sustainability. We endeavor to embody these values in every aspect. From the advanced smart home technologies to the eco-friendly building practices and the community-centric amenities, we aim to create a project that reflects our commitment to pushing through the boundaries of real estate development.

Q: What major challenge do you anticipate to face in developing Langkawi Island?

A: As with our other projects, one of the biggest challenges we have faced and anticipate to face in developing this new project is integrating high-end premium features with sustainable practices. Luxury often implies excess, while sustainability is about minimizing impact. Finding a balance between these two is crucial. We will invest heavily in research and development to identify materials and technologies that will allow us to offer both. For instance, our choice of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems will require meticulous planning and execution.

Q: Can you tell us more about the innovative features of the Langkawi Island?

A: Absolutely. One of the standout features will be the integration of smart home technology. Residents can choose to install our lighting, and security control systems that allow them navigate the home through a centralized system which will enhance both convenience and energy efficiency. Also, our central gas system will allow for convenience and ease. Additionally, facilities like recreational areas for leisure activities, outdoor sporting areas, intercom and fiber optics connectivity are key innovations that will improve on the general outlook of the estate.

Q: How does Langkawi Island promote a sense of community among residents?

A: We have designed Langkawi Island with communal living in mind. The shared spaces such as the swimming pool, recreational areas and the gym are all intended to encourage interaction and foster a sense of belonging.

Q: In terms of sustainability, what sets the Langkawi Island apart from other developments?

A: Langkawi Island goes beyond basic green building practices. We will implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy that includes everything from energy and water efficiency to waste management and biodiversity. The building’s design and operation are geared towards reducing environmental impact while enhancing the quality of life for residents. This holistic approach is what sets us apart.

Q: Where is The Langkawi Located?

A: It is located at Plot 259, katampe, FCT, Abuja. With 103 units of various house types ranging from 5 bedroom to 2-bedroom apartments, Langkawi Island aims at creating a peaceful home for its residents.

Q: What does Langkawi Island mean for the future of Bilaad Realty and the real estate industry?

A: Langkawi Island is a milestone for Bilaad Realty. It represents our commitment to innovation and sustainability, and it sets a new standard for future projects. For the real estate industry, it demonstrates that quality living and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We hope it inspires other developers to embrace sustainable practices.