• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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BlockDAG Dominates With X1 App Beta Launch, Sold 11.7B Coins as Arweave Price Volatility Remains High While MKR Recovers


Amid fluctuating markets, the Arweave price struggles under its macro-downtrend, sparking discussions of its future stability. Concurrently, the Maker (MKR) Rally is regaining strength, indicating potential for significant recovery as it approaches critical support levels.

Amidst these market movements, BlockDAG captured the spotlight with the launch of its X1 app. This marked a significant milestone with $53.2 million raised in its presale and 11.7 billion coins sold, solidifying its reputation as the best long-term crypto. This innovation offers users up to 20 BDAG coins daily, seamlessly blending technology with user engagement.

Arweave Price Fluctuates Amid Technical Setbacks

The Arweave price initially indicated a breakout from its bull flag but failed to secure the $43 level as support, pulling back into a well-defined macro-downtrend. The failure to maintain this crucial support level has reintroduced a bearish outlook, plunging the Arweave price back into uncertain territory.

Despite the downturn, the market’s extreme reactions could signal upcoming opportunities. Arweave price volatility remains high, with the asset now trading below its key macro-downtrend line. Analysts, including Rekt Capital, suggest that the current market position could lead to another significant retest. This potential recovery phase hinges on the Arweave price’s ability to stabilize and reclaim its previous positions within the market framework.

Maker (MKR) Rally Hints at Strong Recovery Potential

Following a robust 11% increase, the Maker (MKR) Rally experienced a slight downturn, hinting at a potential retest of pivotal support levels. Recent on-chain activity indicates a strategic buy-side liquidity sweep, clearing out leveraged positions and setting the stage for new buying momentum.

As Maker approaches the daily order block area between $2,225 and $2,294, the market’s response could catalyze a further 15% rally, targeting the $2,646 mark. With RSI and the Awesome Oscillator indicating an uptick from previously oversold conditions, the ongoing Maker (MKR) Rally may extend, testing higher resistance levels and reinforcing its upward trajectory.

BlockDAG X1 App: Pioneering Mobile Mining with Stellar $53.2M Presale

BlockDAG has set a new standard in cryptocurrency with the launch of the X1 app, making it easier than ever for users to engage in mobile mining. Designed for both Android and iOS, the X1 app allows users to mine BDAG coins directly from their smartphones. This innovative app combines efficiency with sustainability, thanks to its energy-saving algorithm that minimizes battery and data usage.

Users of the X1 app can mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily without the typical heavy power consumption found in traditional mining operations. Additionally, the app features a dynamic referral system and daily incentives, encouraging consistent engagement and participation within the BlockDAG community.

The buzz around BlockDAG is not limited to its technological advances. A recent promotional push included a viral keynote video displayed on the giant screens of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, drawing significant attention to the brand. This was part of a broader marketing campaign that also touched down in iconic locations like the Las Vegas Sphere and London’s Piccadilly Circus.

These strategic promotions have elevated BlockDAG’s profile and significantly boosted investor interest, as evidenced by its successful presale and the enthusiastic reception of its listings on major DeFi exchanges. With over $53.2 million raised in the presale, 11.7 billion coins sold, and $3.4 million from miner sales, BlockDAG is rapidly establishing itself as the best long-term crypto investment opportunity.

Final Verdict

While Arweave faces price instability and Maker (MKR) shows signs of recovery, BlockDAG shines brightly with its innovative X1 app launch, boasting a $53.2 million presale and 11.7 billion coins sold. As the market dynamics fluctuate, BlockDAG consistently demonstrates its potential as the best long-term crypto, making it an opportune time for strategic investment.

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