• Friday, July 12, 2024
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Mob violence claims 227 lives in Nigeria -Report

Mob violence

In Nigeria, mob violence has tragically claimed the lives of 227 persons in two years, according to recent findings by SBM Intelligence.

The incidents occurring between late May 2022 and June 2024 underscored a spectrum of violence triggered by accusations ranging from armed robbery and blasphemy to cultural superstitions and political disputes.

According to the latest report titled “Lynchpins” by SBM Intelligence, mob violence has continued on a weekly occurrence since 2022, particularly impacting Southern Nigeria where individuals accused of petty crimes face heightened danger.

In Southern Nigeria, accusations of armed robbery are the primary trigger for lynching, while in the North, blasphemy accusations are the leading cause of mob violence.

Additionally, force brutality is a significant contributor to extrajudicial deaths. The report highlighted that the breakdown of law and order due to cash scarcity was a major issue in 2023.

Superstitions, such as accusations of witchcraft and claims of missing genitals, underscored the cultural dimensions of the problem.

The report showed a detailed breakdown of incidents and fatalities in Nigeria’s geopolitical zones from late May 2022 to June 2024, with the South West recording the highest number of incidents at 87, resulting in 43 deaths.

In the North Central, there were 70 incidents resulting in 57 deaths. The North East recorded 21 incidents with 30 fatalities, while the North West experienced 28 incidents and 24 deaths.

In the South East, there were 25 incidents leading to 22 deaths, and the South-South witnessed 51 incidents with 51 deaths.

In total, there were 288 incidents resulting in 227 fatalities during the period under review.

The incidents included a range of causes such as cash scarcity, attempted banditry, attempted kidnappings, Chieftancy disputes, land issues, force brutality, cultism, poor public services, political violence, ritual killings, and accusations of witchcraft.

The SBM Intelligence report called for urgent attention to address the underlying causes of mob violence and improve the overall trust environment in Nigeria to prevent further loss of life.