• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Lifepage to begin full operations in the United States

Lifepage to begin full operations in the United States

In line with its vision to develop a million homes across Africa by year 2041, Lifepage is set to begin operations in the United States of America September, 2022.

This move is part of plans to reposition the Lifepage company as a global brand and to connect diasporas of African descent to business and investment opportunities within the region and vice versa.

Recall that Lifepage recently marked its 10th Anniversary and as a result of its growth over the last ten years.

Oladipupo clement, CEO Lifepage said this expansion signals a great start into the new decade we have just begun.

“For us, our focus in the next 10 years and beyond is for global positioning. While we continue to empower entrepreneurs and executives in their crafts and respective enterprises, we will also be connecting them to business and investment opportunities around the world.

“As a company with its roots in Nigeria, we have stayed true to our brand promise against all odds and we will continue to fulfill this promise year in year out. One thing we place a premium on as an organisation is our name. As much as we will make money, we will not do so at the expense of our name,” clement said.

He said the commencement of Lifepage operations in the United States only marks the beginning of the firm’s global positioning and opportunities for its stakeholders both within and outside of Africa going forward.

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According to him, this will be an avenue to connect Nigerians and people of African descent to opportunities in Africa, and also to connect Africans to opportunities in America.

“Africa is an emerging market with loads of opportunities. However, its development lies mainly with Africans.

“As a company, our vision to develop 1,000,000 homes across Africa and the mission to help people create and retain wealth – primarily through real estate investments remain unchanged,” clement said.

Lifepage began and still runs as a human capital and business development company and has since evolved. Lifepage Nigeria started full operations in 2012 and Lifepage America is next in line.

“With over 10,000 stakeholders from all over the world, Lifepage has hosted over 200 conferences, webinars, seminars, bootcamps and masterclasses where incredible insights, strategies, and opportunities for creating and retaining wealth were shared. Lifepage has completed and is currently working on more than 35 projects in cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and Port Harcourt.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Employment Dynamics, only about 30 percent (less than one-third) of all small businesses survive after 10 years. It is quite an accomplishment for us to have reached and surpassed the 10-year milestone. It’s therefore time for anyone who is in touch with this vision to come with us as we develop Africa,” the Lifepage CEO added.