• Monday, July 22, 2024
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Veritasi Homes launches biggest commercial city at Ibeju-Lekki

Veritasi Homes launches biggest commercial city at Ibeju-Lekki

Veritasi Homes, a real estate company particularly concerned with world-class property development, has launched one of the most significant commercial properties at Aiyetoro, Ibeju-Lekki – ÌTÙNÚ City.

Through this project, Veritasi Homes seek to place a high premium on creativity and productivity within a work environment. ÌTÙNÚ City sought to be a place where landscape, design and innovative activities unite to create unique and unparalleled experiences for residents and visitors alike.

“It is with great joy that we launch ÌTÙNÚ City,” said Nola Adetola, CEO and founder of Veritasi Homes.

“We realized commercial properties are under-supplied in Nigeria, and we sought to create a community where functional and luxurious amenities were within reach,” Adetola said.

“We’re talking financial institutions, hospitals, helipads, amusement parks, IT hubs, and knowledge centres like galleries and museums. The amount of industrialization surrounding this project is massive, and this is our answer to bridge that gap,” he added.

Providing a premium lifestyle has been core to Veritasi’s vision of changing the world through better living experiences. ÌTÙNÚ City makes it possible for businesses to create something remarkable, from small business owners to startups to innovators for global enterprises, anything is possible for them. ÌTÙNÚ City presents infrastructures that make it easy to promote businesses and provide the necessary exposure.

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“What is truly exceptional is that this project is going to be a self-sustaining city run by a private company,” said Tony Aspire, CEO of Billionaire Realtors’ Group.

“Having someone come up with this vision of this magnitude, independent of the government, is exciting to see. Investors are likely to receive major returns on their investment within a short period.”

Funke Kehinde, a renowned realtor, s, “Oaidne thing that investors factor in before investing is the location of the project and its viability. This project is beyond satisfactory, from the proposed facilities to their operation mode.”

The project is the latest from the company; it allows people to authentically mix business with pleasure while creating an environment for talented minds to come together and contribute their quota toward the betterment of society.

Aside from basic amenities, the property’s features include sports facilities, recreational centres, Central Business District (CBD), industry areas, a tech City, and family entertainment centres.

“Veritasi is making huge strides in conceptualizing and democratizing quality infrastructures for those who desire it. Through the work done at ÌTÙNÚ Residential, the company got the insight to do more for buyers and the community—from the lessons learnt and promise delivered, the opportunity to do more is established,” said

Tobi Yusuff, partner at Veritasi Homes.

This launch comes on the heels of the company’s successful development of ÌTÙNÚ Residential, a close-knit community for folks seeking serene residential spaces away from the city’s noise.