• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Women groups shine light on black mental health in Nigeria

A global group, the Women Empowering Nations (WEN), and Cantu Beauty have partnered to illuminate black mental health in Nigeria.

By leveraging their commitment to empowering girls and women, WEN and Cantu have joined forces to create a transformative platform that promotes holistic self-care and nurtures the mental well-being of young back women on their leadership journey.

The organisations brought together women and girls to promote their mental wellbeing at an afrocentric paint and jam event in Abuja, setting them on a path to attain higher goals and take up leadership roles.

Blessing Ahmodu, Nigerian teams coach for Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Global Cohort 2023- an initiative of the organisations decried the huge gap for women and girls in most communities and Nigeria. According to her, the essence of the initiative is to therefore amplify the voices of black women and girls.

The GLOW Global, which brings together black women from across the world has so far reached over 5,000 girls in more than 20 countries, equipping them with leadership development training, valuable resources, and a profound sense of inspiration to effect positive change in their personal and professional lives.

Also speaking at the event, Diwura Williams, a cohort member informed that the paint and jam event is to commemorate its global giveback day, which together bring black women to ease off their stress, and keep their mental health in check.

Participants of the cohort testify that they have experienced significant positive shifts in various aspects of their career journeys, laying a strong foundation for their future success, and providing network opportunities, which are often limited for women of colour, especially Black women.

At the program’s outset, only 13 percent of participants agreed that they had a robust professional network to support them on their career path. However, through the program, this percentage skyrocketed to 75 percent of girls agreeing.

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Reflecting on her experience, Alina Wilson, United States cohort member, shared, “In the cohort, we focused on bringing in the unique aspects of our Blackness and our culture to enhance our leadership, rather than shaping ourselves into a mold. It has been really lovely to get to be part of a cohort of leaders who are committed to being authentic in their leadership and identity.”

Oluwadamilola akintewe, one of the fellows for Women Empowering Nations said the programme afforded her the opportunity to connect with women despite geographical boundaries, and the impact was all round.

Carlisha Williams Bradley, founder of WEN, stated, “We believe in promoting and cultivating holistic care for the next generation of executive leaders through our personal and professional development programming. Mental well-being is an essential element on this journey.”

Looking to the future, Women Empowering Nations said it is committed to expanding its global reach and impact, fostering community engagement and connections through scaling its programmes.