• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Why churches focus on prosperity message— Sam Adeyemi

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Sam Adeyemi, Senior Pastor of DayStar Christian Ministry has said that most pastors in Nigeria focus on prosperity in their preaching because of Nigeria’s poor economic situation and poverty among the citizens.

Adeyemi noted that most pentecostal churches were set up in the 70s when the economy of the country was in a bad state, noting that the ministry had the obligation to add value to the people.

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The pastor stated this while featuring on Journalists Hangout on TV Continental.

“Most new generation churches started in the 1970s when the economy of the country was really bad and the ministry was to give people hope, ministry was tailored to meet societal needs.

“It is to address the poverty issues in society and focus on adding value to the people rather than taking from the people,” Adeyemi said.

Speaking on church succession plan and the rise in family members inheriting churches from their founders, Adeyemi said the situation was cultural and still evolving in Nigeria as most churches are still led by their founders, noting that there would be a clearer picture within the next ten, twenty and thirty years.

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He, however, agreed that successors in churches don’t have to be the founder’s family member, adding that there was a clear succession plan in his church at all levels.

According to him, “Many factors are influencing that, it is still an evolving issue. Many churches don’t have successor plans, the successor doesn’t have to be the founder’s position alone; there should be such a plan for all levels.

“It is a cultural issue, we are still evolving, most new generation churches have been led by their founder by 10, 20, and 30 years from now you would see a lot of change.

“What we have done at DayStar is to have a successor plan at all levels, so that we have two people in a role that is ready to take over.

Speaking on tithing, the pastor said that the Old Testament was silent on payment of tithe while stressing that payment of tithes predates the death of Jesus, but that people should rather give out of love than be compelled to pay tithe.

“Payment of tithe predates the death of Jesus; people obeyed God out of fear under the old covenant, but under the new covenant people obey God out of love. The basic principle is to honour God and other people”.

Speaking further on the leadership crisis in Nigeria, Adeyemi said that Nigeria’s leaders lack vision, while the leadership culture does not have the value that drives democracy.

“In Nigeria’s democracy, we treat people elected as if they are kings but they are servants. The purpose of leadership is to serve”, he added.