• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Sterling Bank’s Qore Mobility set to empower Kano women with electric tricycles in Q1 2024

Sterling Bank’s Qore Mobility set to empower Kano women with electric tricycles in Q1 2024

Qore Mobility, Sterling Bank’s electric mobility initiative focused on accelerating the adoption of cleaner, safer, more sustainable transportation, is set to fulfil the delivery of 120 electric tricycles to female riders in Kano State, beginning from the first quarter of 2024.

Sterling Bank said that the move not only underscores Qore Mobility’s dedication to inclusivity and sustainability, “but also signifies a major step towards reshaping the future of transportation.”

“In 2023, Qore Mobility made headlines by launching Nigeria’s inaugural publicly accessible electric vehicle EV) charging station at the Sterling Bank branch in Victoria Island, Lagos; in a bold step aimed at stimulating conversations and actions toward electrifying urban transportation, and making sustainable travel more accessible,” the organisers said.

According to them, building on this success, the group joined forces with LINKS, a Commonwealth programme funded by UK AID, and the National Automotive Design and Development Council, in a collaborative effort to harness opportunities that foster profitable ventures, job creation, and gender inclusion in Northern Nigeria.

Backed by The Alternative Bank – a leading financial institution of ethical banking – Qore Mobility is partnering with the esteemed gender-based Mata Zalla and Yar Baiwa Cooperative Societies, providing the essential financing for these electric tricycles. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the strategic community development interests of both cooperative societies to foster financial independence and communal contributions among Northern women.

“Not only does this decision align with the goals of the Cooperatives, it also promises to influence Nigeria’s energy transition policy, potentially paving the way for a future where electric motors replace traditional engines, carbon emissions are reduced, and the cost of mobility becomes more affordable for the average Nigerian,” the organisers further said.

At a critical moment in history where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have taken centre stage, Qore Mobility’s initiative catalyses gender parity and emphasizes the crucial role of women in the narrative of economic growth and development.

The group has unveiled its short-term plans, intending to bring in all relevant production factors by Q1 2024. It also plans to install battery swapping infrastructure within the Kano metropolis, as well as a base at the Mata Zalla office to provide support services for these electric tricycles. This commitment to creating lasting and sustainable equity through strategic partnerships, coupled with its vision to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, forms the bedrock of Qore Mobility’s objectives.

Leading the transition from combustion engines to green transportation, Qore Mobility is providing access to electric transportation assets, infrastructure, services, and financing across market segments and use cases.