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Rotary Club harps on disease control with infrastructure donation in school, others

Rotary Club harps on disease control with infrastructure donation in school, others

Rotary Club of Festac Central in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Greenfield has moved to ensure disease control, access to clean water and sanitation with its recent infrastructure donations at Festac Junior Grammar School, Lagos last Wednesday.

The infrastructure projects which include renovation of dilapidated toilet at the school, treatment of the schools borehole water and donation of sanitary pads to the students of the school is said to be done in a bid to ensure disease control and provide a clean and healthy environment for the students.

Both Clubs had also on Monday donated food items and medical supplies to inmate at Kirikiri Prison.

Francis Opute, charter president Rotary Club of Greenfield said the both clubs gave out about 1,500 packs of cooked food, drinks, basic medications and detergents amongst others to the inmates.

“We wanted them to have a feel of a meal from the outside. We wanted them to have a sense of belonging because not everyone in this prison is a criminal,” Opute said.

Speaking during the commissioning of the projects in Festac Junior Grammar School in Lagos, Ndudirim Nkechi Ukaria, Imaginative President, Rotary Club of Festac Central said the Rotary Club of Festac Central in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Greenfield renovated the dilapidated toilet in Festac Junior Grammar School.

Ukaria said the school’s borehole and water treatment were bad, so the two clubs had to repair the borehole and treat the water.

She said the school now has functional borehole with good water that the students can drink and use to flush their toilets.

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She said the clubs also bought pads for the girls in the school, adding that this is very important because the girl child needs to learn to protect herself.

“When there is no hygiene, there would be infection and this may lead to infertility when the girls get married. With the pads, they will be clean during their monthly circle and this way, their health will also be protected. The value of what we have done in the school cost us about N2.5million,” she disclosed.

Anwuli Ogbonnaya, Service Project Chairman for Rotary Club of Greenfield said the essence of two clubs collaborating on the project is because the impact will really be felt more when two Clubs join forces to impact in the community.

“These projects that were commissioned today fall under the community of RC Festac Central so we decided to join hands with them to impart in their community, this is what Rotary is about,” Ogbonnaya said.

Antonia Agugoesi, assistant governor Rotary Club of Amuwo, representing the district governor said the projects covers the service targets of the club which are water and sanitation, and disease control.

“This is the concept of the founder of Rotary Club. He thought of what to do to better the lives of people, so he invited three of his friends and they started it. The first project that was done was a public toilet at Chicago,” Agugoesi said.

Oloye Monsurat Adebola, vice principal, Festac Junior Grammar School expressed her gratitude to the Rotary Clubs for the donation.

“Myself, the staff and students are happy with the donations given to us. The toilet was there before but they helped us renovate it. They changed the roof, put tiles and repainted it.

“The borehole water was also there but they helped us treat it, so the students will be able to drink it. They have also shared sanitary pads to female students in the school. They also addressed them on how to use the pads and how they should keep themselves clean,” Adebola said.