• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Nigerians slam KudaBank over customer’s maltreatment

Many Nigerians on social media are speaking against Kuda Microfinance bank following the alleged mistreatment of a customer by security operatives inside the bank’s premises.

In a viral video, two security officials dressed in Nigerian mobile police uniform were seen brutalizing the customer inside the Bank.

The management of the Digital bank issued a statement regarding the recent development on their official twitter account @Kudabank, alleging that the incident occurred due to non-compliance of the customer as the security officials tried to carry out an investigation into alleged criminal activity on his account.

However, Nigerians have taken to twitter and other social media platforms to slam the bank for involving in such acts irrespective of their claims.

@Onwukaemeh4 on twitter questioned the reason why a bank will call police to brutalize its customer, adding that she will be suspending her transactions with the bank till further notice

“You called the police on your customer. His crime was having accounts with you people. Pending your investigations, I will be putting my Kuda Bank on hold. I don’t feel safe banking with you till I am convinced otherwise,” he tweeted.

While reacting to the brutality, @nurudeen_ Raji disclosed that the management of the bank failed in the discharge of their duties for not being able to protect the accused from the unlawful action of the mobile police officers.

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“If as an institution, you cannot control or limit the unlawful operations of the police on your private property, it infers a lot about the kind of management you are running. I have heard the police visited my store before, I assisted them but ensured they did not molest the accused,” nuradeen_Raji tweeted.

@MelumentNwaigbo, speaking against the unlawful act recounted how Diamond bank handled him when he had a case with them 5 years ago

“When I was wrongfully accused of fraud by Diamond Bank in 2017, they handled it differently, calmly and apologised,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Amos, @Tz_amosdahboss while reacting to the statement released by the bank noted that the bank was wrong for stating that they have nothing to do with the harassment.

“So someone entered the bank to complain his account was held, and you handed him over to the police, still stating you have nothing to do with the harassment. So anything that happens to your customer with the force is not your concern,” Amos tweeted.

Many others also took to their twitter account to condemn the act, noting the fact that the police men did not act in accordance with the law, with the level of brutality given to the customer.