Nigeria must tackle insecurity, diversify economy for shared prosperity- Gambari

Nigeria must address insecurity and diversify her economy to move the country forward and promote shared prosperity, Ibrahim Gambari, chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Gambari said this on Tuesday while delivering the closing address at the 28th edition of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG) on Tuesday in Abuja. He admitted that Nigeria is facing deep-rooted and multi-dimensional challenges.

According to him, addressing the challenges “first includes securing the country. If the country is not secure, the environment for promoting businesses, shared prosperity won’t be possible.

“To set priorities for a shared prosperity and securing future for our citizens and country, we need to pay greater attention economic diversification and build human capital for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable economy that de-emphasizes sole dependence on a singular extractive commodity,” he said.

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In the year 2050, Nigeria is projected to be the third most populous country, and there is a need to plan on how to diversify the economy in ways that make every citizen benefit from the potentials of this country, he further said.

The chief of staff also pointed out that a lot of investors do not want to invest where there is threat to any investment, hence by “creating a good environment of peace and continuity of policies, we can attract investment.”

According to Gambari, it is only through shared prosperity that Nigeria can promote sustainability for development. He also noted that leadership is critical; and Nigeria needs leaders with vision, commitment a track record of achievement. He reiterated the importance of partnering with the private sector for economic growth, explaining that the Economic summit has facilitated deep and meaningful conversations with public-private and civic society leaders, and policy recommendations.