• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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LCCI calls for clear action plan for implementation of Oronsaye report

LCCI seeks FG support for industries amid economic headwinds

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), has called on the government to create a clear action plan for the implementation of Oronsaye’s report.

Chinyere Almona, director general of LCCI, in a press statement, titled ‘LCCI Statement on Cost of Governance’, listed ways the report can be implemented, saying its implementation would make “Nigerians happy and avoid an over-bloated structure that worsens bureaucracy within the government.”

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Almona went further to say the federal government’s adoption of Oronsaye’s report is commendable.

She said the decision comes at a time when Nigerians have been clamouring for a reduction in the cost of governance, especially in the face of harsh economic realities that the country faces.

“It would be important for Nigerians to begin to see quick actions regarding implementation immediately. In the next few days, Nigerians expect to see submissions to the Federal Executive Council for all necessary approvals and actions,” Almona said in the press release.

The Lagos chamber recommended that the government establish a steering committee composed of some members of Oronsaye’s committee, saying it would ensure continuity.

It stated that effective implementation requires the cooperation of stakeholders; therefore, there should be robust communication and publicity throughout the implementation process.

The chamber said emerging new structures and composition should have clear definitions of functions, protocols and reporting lines. Also, inter-agency and inter-ministerial engagements should be encouraged.

“As the new structure emerges, we recommend that the ministries return to their core function of policy formulation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting, while the agencies under them implement such policies.”

“The National Assembly is a very critical stakeholder in this exercise, and needs to be fully involved and interested in supporting the implementation.” Also, the laws that established the agencies would need to be reviewed and some rejected, she said.

She recommended that the government should plan periodic reviews and build appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to keep implementation on track.

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“Make necessary adjustments on the execution activities based on changing economic conditions.”

She urged state governors and assemblies to implement similar programmes for higher national impact.

“The national body, after listing these seven recommendations, called on the government to make efforts to reduce the cost of governance, to ensure a more agile, and technology-driven public service.”

“The overall effectiveness of this effort would depend on the strength of the government’s will to carry out this exercise as announced,” Almona said.