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‘Kwara specialist hospital receives 500 clients for family planning monthly’

‘Kwara specialist hospital receives 500 clients for family planning monthly’

Ilori Adebola, Head Of Nurse at the Children Specialist Hospital, Gboro in Ilorin Kwara State has said that the Unit receives about 500 clients every month.

Adebola stated this in an interview with BusinessDay during a field trip to the facility as part of the Media Advocacy Training organised by Development Communications (DevComs) Network, in collaboration with The Challenge Initiative (TCI).

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The medical expert, who noted that the service was encouraging as more women embrace family planning at the Unit, said, “we usually record up to five hundred clients every month in this facility for different methods of contraceptive. Contraceptive is good for every family. We usually counsel women to allow them choose the right choice in spacing their children and as well achieve health living.”

On effect of contraceptive in human body, she pointed out that “once women access any method, they are prone to have side effects but we do tell them to report reaction. No family planning method can inflict infertility but may cause delay. We do advise them to visit professionals for proper counselling.”

However, some of the the clients, that share their thoughts and rationale behind the decision to do family planning always centered their belief on present and future benefits.

Nusirat Salau, a 37 years old woman who was at the facility to remove implant and replace it with injectable contraceptive said that she embraced family planning to have enough rest before conceiving another pregnancy, saying ” I have five children already, but I need more children so, I want to rest first.”

Rafat Idris, a first timer to take contraceptive, submitted that, “I just want to start family planning based on the advice the care giver provided us. I used to be scared before but when I got here I discovered that it is for my own good. I have three children now and I am 31 years. I want to take implant so as to relax for some time before having another baby.”

Another client, with four children who pleaded anonymity said that “I came to do family planning to space my children and for my healthy living because I still want to have more children.”

Earlier, Adewale Adefila, State Program Manager, John’s Hopkins Center for Communication Program,The Challenge Initiative (TCI, Nigeria), stated that the idea was to bring media on board to showcase the NGO’s focus on family planning, create more access to information, and accountability.

Adefila noted that Media is game changer that can shape public opinion and correct misinformation about family planning, he however urged participants to utilise knowledge gained from the training judiciously.

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“Family Planing is not telling anyone to stop child bearing but to space them. When you space well; you will have enough time to plan, and automatically the system will regulate itself for you to take good care of yourself as parent.

“Childbirth spacing enhances quality life for the entire family, it is affordable, safe and effective way to have children when a couple want to have them,” he explained.