• Monday, May 27, 2024
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International students will be allowed to work 24 hours a week — Canada Immigration Minister

International students will be allowed to work 24 hours a week- Canada Immigration Minister

Marc Miller, Canada’s immigration minister, stated on Monday that international students will be able to work off-campus for up to 24 hours per week starting in September. This is a change from the 20-hour limit on work hours for international students during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is set to expire on Tuesday.

“Looking at best practices and policies in other like-minded countries, most of them limit the number of working hours for international students. Canada’s rules need to be aligned or we will find our programmes attracting more and more applicants whose primary intent is to work and not study,” Miller said.

“To be clear, the purpose of the international student program is to study and not to work.”

Canada’s federal government is cracking down on an increase in foreign student enrolment nationwide, which is why the new employment limit has been implemented.

Critics have cautioned that permitting foreign students to work full-time could negate the purpose of a study permit by converting it into an unauthorised work visa.

On the other hand, foreign students who claim they must put in additional hours to pay for their education are also contacting the federal authorities.

Miller claimed that while 24 hours appears “reasonable,” his government is putting a cap on it, allowing students to work three full eight-hour shifts per week.

Additionally, he mentioned that according to departmental internal research, over 80% of international students currently put in more than 20 hours per week of work.

Up until September, when the government can permanently alter it to 24 hours, the workweek cap will revert to 20 hours.

When they’re not in classes, such as in the summer, there are no restrictions on how many hours international students can work.

Miller had suggested in the past that the cap be established permanently at thirty hours per week. On Monday, though, he stated it would be too close to working full-time hours.

“We know from studies as well that when you start working in and around 30-hour levels, there is a material impact on the quality of your studies,” he said.