How Headstart School champions creativity for total education

The Headstart Private School in Ire-Akari, Isolo has demonstrated its belief in moulding a total child to secure a level of functionality and effectiveness in the core skills of life with its annual creativity week. held on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

Phyllis Iwobi, the head teacher of the school disclosed this during the third creativity week held inside the multipurpose event hall of the school.

“Today, I have the privilege to talk about creativity. Globally, creativity is celebrated in many different dimensions and with multiple nomenclatures. Nonetheless, creativity is one’s ability to showcase hidden talents as embedded by nature. It is a child’s ability to sell himself to the world wherever he finds himself, and that is the key issue here and today,” she said.

Iwobi counsels the pupils to see the event as a win-win affair and not a competitive affair where one must be crowned the winner. She reiterated that the ability to compete with oneself is a skill that makes a child a better person in the course of life.

The Headstart School creativity week art exhibition started in 2019 and is meant to mould a total child in physical, motor, intellectual, and social-emotional skills among others. This event, however, did not hold in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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According to Solomon Amu, the art teacher at the Headstart Private School, the creative exhibition has three categories; the drawing art display for children in year one and two, and the second category was the fashion parade for children and parents. This was for children in year three, while the third category was craft design for children in year four and five.

Kingsley Ehighibe, the chairman of the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) of the school expressed his joy for being part of the success story of the Headstart School.

“As a parent and leader of the PTA group, I’m happy that the event is growing, and getting better by the year. This is the third year, and it is the peak so far. It is amazing to see the concept evolve into such a massive event as you can see,” he said.

Ehighibe encouraged parents to support their children’s passion, because education is a vast spectrum, and creativity is the pathway to success in the contemporary era.

Similarly, Stanley Ebhodaghe, a parent to one of the contestants expressed his delight in the way the children showcased their creative abilities in the exhibition and urged parents to invest in their children’s passion.

“It is awesome; parents should allow their children to be what they are good at. Parents should invest in their children’s passion, and provide for and assist them in realising their dreams. These days many youth go to school and after find themselves practicing another career entirely, that is why we have engineers in banks,” he said.

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