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Easter: Abidoye urges Nigerians to live in peace

Easter:  Abidoye urges Nigerians to live in peace

As Christians all over the world held special Church services to mark Good Friday, Nigerians have been enjoined to reflect on the vicarious death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, rededicate themselves to living in peace, oneness and love of God.

The Spiritual Father and Chairman Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide, Ayo ni ooo, His Grace Prophet Samuel Abidoye gave the charge Friday in his Easter message and prayer for the nation.

Prophet Abidoye said, despite the rising insecurity in states across the federation, Nigerians should not lose trust in God, even as he advocated for peace to reign in the country as peace and unity are the prerequisites to the progress and development of the Country.

The Spiritual Father, however, enjoined Nigerians not to give up in the face of various seemingly daunting challenges of life praying that the Nation would soon overcome its uncertainty and insecurity.

He equally called on Nigerians to continue to show love to one another, rather than hate, and to also show more patriotism to the general good of society as Easter evokes in us the resilience of the human spirit not to give up in the face of challenges of life.

“Father as we celebrate, we want to thank You for the past and we are committing everybody into your hands AFRESH as we go into the days, weeks, months and years, please make the barren smile give them the fruit of the womb, so that they too can be happy and shout Halleluyah, so that their sorrow will come to an end.

For those that are sick, no doctor is above you the JEHOVAH RAPHA, Father look down on them and heal them,” Prophet Abidoye prayed.

The Spiritual Father condemned rising cases of violence against women in different forms, calling for genuine and sincere love as ordered by Jesus Christ as the menfolk to love their wives and the women to respect and honour their husbands.

“For couples, I besiege you, do not batter each other, love each other, wife respect your husband, husband love your wife, children respect your parents, stop this domestic violence. God does not encourage such let every home be in peace. Each family should be closer to God, please fear God” he advised.

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He congratulated Christians on the Easter Celebration with the help and grace of God we shall all celebrate another Easter on the surface of the earth.

Prophet Abidoye called on the government to address the lingering security challenges facing the Nation head-on as Nigerians are no longer safe anywhere.

He said: “As we go around during this Easter, let us go and back home in peace. Those that are sheering the ship of the country, please go with them. Bandits, terrorists are everywhere you know about all these, Father please take them away from us and let there be peace in this country, let us have time to be able to worship you.

“Let us be able to sleep with our two eyes closed. Because, now, many people don’t even close any of their eyes when they sleep and we need to close our eyes and sleep, because the night is meant for sleeping, the moment we cannot sleep at night that means the word of God is not confirmed. We ask for help from you let us be able to witness next Easter in peace and joy.”

On the 2023 election, the Spiritual Father emphasised the need for peace and urged Nigerians to vote for credible leaders that would move the Nation forward in all ramifications.

“As we go into 2023, let it be a peaceful journey. Let us land safely in this election year. I want to appeal to all members of this Church and Christianson to get their voters card with this, you will be able to vote for a candidate of your choice. Participate well in the process of choosing your leader. Bless and protect every soul,” he added.