• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Chi Farms doubles meat processing operation in Nigeria

Chi farms upgrades its GPS farm to evolve with global best standards

Chi Farms Ltd, an agribusiness company in Nigeria and a member of Tropical General Investments Group, recently announced that in keeping with its vision to continue to expand food production in Nigeria, it has doubled its meat processing operations.

Tunji Olaitan, managing director – Chi Farms, said, “The doubling of our operations is aimed at meeting the growing demand for our safe, healthy and affordable foods available to all categories of our esteemed customers.

“We want to make our products available to capture and build a healthy population that will continually drive our business through their patronage. We want to encourage the consumption of healthy foods, with a focus to reduce the risk of increased health-related issues traced to the ingestion of unwholesome and unsafe foods”.

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Martin Middernacht, executive director – Chi Farms, commented on customers demand and Chi Farms’ focus on quality. He said, “Doubling our production is a needed move to address and meet customers’ demands. This shows a good index of our scalability and sustainability, achieved as a result of our uncompromised brand image in meeting and satisfying our customers’ needs. Our foremost priority is the quality and safety of each product”.

Esther Iyanda, head of Chicken Processing – Chi Farms commented on management’s commitment. “This is an enviable achievement for Chi Farms in the industry. We have been able to increase our output through the management’s resolute commitment and support”.

Meat processing involves hygienic handling and a good selection of meat. It is subjected to different operational machines to effect comminution, after which it is hygienically packaged, stored and kept in a controlled environment until purchased and consumed.