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‘Orisa’ makes top 5 grossing movies in Nigeria’s Box Office

‘Orisa’ makes top 5 grossing movies in Nigeria’s Box Office

Chizaram Agha

‘Orisa’ directed by Odunlade Adekola in partnership with FilmOneStudios, was released 21 July 2023 and has made the top 5 grossing movies at Box Office.

The Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria(CEAN) released the chart containing the top 20, 7-Day Film Releases where Orisa sat top at number 3 in Box Office and the only Nollywood movie in the rating.

Within a month after Orisa’s release date, the movie’s grossing is currently N119m, scaling its way on the chart alongside Box Office major blockbusters: Barbie and Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. Barbie is the highest-grossing film of the summer with a sum of N221m at the Box Office and $1.36 billion globally alongside Mission Impossible following closely with a sum of N206m.

However, when Barbie and Oppenheimer were released, movie watchers all over the world were left bewildered as to which movie would hold the title of ‘highest-grossing movie’ in 2023.

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Orisa gained publicity prior to its release date because of the cast combination. Each display of the cast’s characters and the costumes filled Nigerian viewers with anticipation and excitement. Aside from the storyline, character formation, and dialogue, the film showcases the Yoruba culture to viewers through and through. Moreover, the story teaches one of the many proverbial sayings embedded in the memory of a West African child: Pride goes before a fall.

In comparison with the highest-grossing Nollywood movie last year (Battle On Bukka Street directed by Funke Akindele and Tobi Makinde), Orisa staggers behind. Battle on Bukka Street made N640m by the end of 2022 while Orisa boasts of N119m.

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The difference is by a long shot due to the fact that movies released in the middle of the year do not do better than when released during festive seasons.

Other Nollywood movies continue to rise on this chart. Kesari which was released on August 25th, and directed by Ibrahim Yekini has earned a sum of N41m. Bag of Trouble is also among the most streamed in Nigeria. Bag of Trouble was released September 1st, directed by Mazi Chimex, and has made a total of N6m since its release.

Orisa continues to rise in gross as weeks go by making it one of the highest-grossing Nollywood films released in 2023.