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Luxury places in Lagos to chill with just N1M


Lagos beckons to big spenders, offering a realm of million-naira experiences that personify luxury. These well-off locations spare no expense in providing a world of extravagance and luxury, from luxurious accommodations to fine dining and lounges.

With our exclusive details of luxury places in Lagos, these luxury places redefine comfort and sophistication. Each of these carefully chosen locations offers an outstanding retreat into luxury, all for the alluring cost between 100k – N1M and more.

Circa Lagos

Circa Lagos combines metropolitan elegance with tastes from around the world. Its modern style welcomes a variety of situations, and its menu skillfully combines delicacies from around the world and the local area.

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Each meal is a work of art, from the delicate Seafood Risotto to the daring Grilled Suya-Spiced Ribeye Steak. The experience is enhanced by impeccable, discrete service, and cultural depth is added through themed nights and live music. Circa Lagos provides a holistic culinary experience that captures the city’s essence.

The Library

The Library is an elegant and exclusive club in Lagos that may be entered through a door that looks like a bookcase. Its lavish environment features first-rate lighting, music equipment, and unique service customs.

The Library in Lagos offers unique premium nightlife experiences with its opulent decor, classic literature on the walls, superb service, extensive drink menu, attentive wait staff, and mouthwatering food selections.

Breeze Beach Club

Breeze Beach Club
This beach club is unique and is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It stands out for its exceptional service, gorgeous setting, and welcoming family atmosphere. It’s perfect for members, with roomy spaces, kid-friendly food and a clear beach.

It is ideal for every occasion, thanks to its luxurious extras, delectable meals and picturesque views from the pool to the bar.

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This all-inclusive resort redefines luxury in Lagos with a spa, bakery, restaurant, and beach access. Membership guarantees exclusivity, and a variety of amenities ensures fun and relaxation.


Guards in black suits at the entryway serve as a visual representation of Kapadoccia’s watchful security. With its finely carved furniture, translucent waterfall glass, and alluring hot air balloon window graphics, the restaurant expertly conveys Turkey to Nigeria.

Due to the restricted space, bookings are strongly encouraged, especially during busy times or for events. The menu includes dishes with creative names. They are located in Abuja and Lagos.

ZaZa Restaurant & Lounge

ZaZa Restaurant & Lounge

Zaza is recognised for its top-notch amenities and a dedicated personnel team that meets customers’ needs. It is located in the posh section of Victoria Island.

However, Zaza provides more than its renowned luxury and first-rate entertainment appropriate for the affluent. The dynamic events scheduled offer unmatched entertainment choices that have never been available in this area.

Eko Hotel and Suite

Eko hotel

The renowned hospitality refuge is called the Eko Hotel and Suites. It is a top destination for business and leisure travellers because of its many facilities and services.

The hotel provides a range of lodging choices, cutting-edge event spaces, and many food alternatives. The Eko Hotel and Suites remains a top option for people looking for comfort and elegance in the centre of Lagos because of its strategic location, breathtaking views, and dedication to providing top-notch service.

OX Restaurant & Lounge

OX Restaurant & Lounge

The Ox restaurant and bar is located on Victoria Island and is distinguished by its pleasant, slightly Nordic-inspired interior design. Being a lounge, the establishment skillfully provides both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Murals in the foyer and a hallway leading to the outdoor area greet visitors as they enter; the interior room is to the right. Although there is a slight irregularity as it transitions between Nordic and Pan-African inspirations, the decor includes eye-catching murals on the walls.