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Lauretta Okoye: Leading a Silent Revolution in the Skincare Industry with Cécile Étoile

Over the years, the skincare market has surged in popularity, chiefly occasioned by the rise in demand for beauty-enhancing products by women and men alike. With the demands came the attendant introduction of new products; with each promising to outdo the last.

But alas, staunch customers can attest to the fact that not all of these products deliver on their brand promises and with those that actually deliver, there are often a few let downs. These downsides usually present themselves in form of their premium prices or artificial ingredients containing unwholesome chemicals stealthily packaged as natural.

It is for this reason that when a brand ticks the affordability and organic boxes, it becomes instinctively worthy of more than a cursory glance. Fashioned with the singular purpose of helping the populace—regardless of where one may be on the gender divide—attain skin perfection, Cécile Étoile masterfully blends natural ingredients and medical compounds to produce an array of exquisite products.

Going by the name and extensive testimonials it has amassed, the label seems to have cultivated an air of exclusivity around it, however, it toes the line of other disruptive brands before it by being the brainchild of immense frustrations. Conceived by international pharmacist, Lauretta Okoye, following her melasma diagnosis; a skin condition often associated with pregnancy, she embarked on a quest to find the perfect skincare product that will restore the state of her skin and flush out the pigmentation.


Lauretta Okoye

Her search led her into the discovery of the phenomenal powers of the often overlooked bamboo plant and how its potential could revolutionise the skincare sector while spelling an end to the deleterious cosmetic products that have saturated the Nigerian market. Constrained by her deep-seated yearning to impact lives, she rapidly deployed her scientific know-how into establishing the Cécile Étoile Laboratory, thereby, packing the innovation for distribution and availing it to thousands of individuals world over.

One thing that stands out about the brand is the transparency it exudes with regards to the composition of its products. Anyone conversant with the beauty industry will be well apprised with the difficulty of regulating the sector and consequently, the circumvention of the laid-down rules through the infusion of dangerous cancer-inducing elements in products. This despicable act, notwithstanding, is not the exclusive preserve of dwellers of this continent as multiple reports have surfaced in the last few years about the discovery of toxins such as asbestos and phthalates in products.

As a show of good faith, the label not only public reveals the indispensable component of its products, bamboo, but also divulges the auxiliary ingredients. From silica, a derivative of bamboo plant that regenerates the skin, to the immune-boosting beta gulans, and the skin-brightening niacanamide among others, the brand operates a uniquely different open policy that not only reassure stakeholders of its brand promise but to retain its vote of confidence from shareholders.

Typically, brands gravitate towards putting an incredible amount of effort in shaping public perception while floundering at their core function which is to meet demand with supply of quality products. Refreshingly, Cécile Étoile’s path to reverence cannot be more contrasting from brands that fall within this category as the primary focus is on the product and the experiences customers have upon interacting with them. The glowing endorsements that the company has received, with a few residing on its website, are a concise demonstration of its efficacy.

In all, the people who know the visionary Okoye will attest to her relentless pursuit of perfection in a deeply-flawed industry in keeping with her philosophy and how the brand is an embodiment of her ideals. At the core of her activities, she strives for the growth of the African beauty market; to ensure that entrepreneurs in Africa with bright minds and ideas can compete favourably with their counterparts across the Atlantic.
Iwelumo writes from Lagos

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