• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Henkel Nigeria backs scientific, educational development with fresh initiative

Henkel celebrates 147 years of global excellence

In its vision of pioneering innovation and providing platforms for the advancement of scientific education, Henkel, a German company celebrates 2023 International Week of Science and Peace with initiatives to foster scientific curiosity and educational development.

Rajat Kapur, managing director of Henkel Nigeria, speaking at the combined occasion of the international week of science and peace, and the world children’s day expressed the company’s enthusiasm for contributing to the educational development of young minds.

“Henkel Nigeria is proud to play a role in inspiring the next generation of scientists and fostering a love for learning. Our researchers’ world initiative reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We believe that by empowering children with knowledge and promoting scientific curiosity, we are contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future,” he said.

In partnership with the Girls and Women’s Technological Empowerment Organisation, Henkel Nigeria’s “Researchers’ World” initiative, best known as Forscherwelt, took center stage during the international week of science and peace.

The initiative is an international education programme that emphasises the application of scientific methods, critical thinking, and creativity among children.

It is designed to provide young minds with insights into the process of scientific inquiry, covering research areas that align with Henkel’s expertise, including gluing, washing, personal care, and sustainability.

Henkel Nigeria visited IMG Moore Plantation Nursery and Primary School in grand gesture to educate young minds about the wonders of science and other fun filled activities.

The science training was focused on creating a stimulating environment where students were encouraged to explore various scientific concepts and engage in exciting hands-on experiments, fostering a passion for science from an early age.

And during some of the experiments undertaken, the youngsters learned to make their own adhesives and test various classes of food for the presence of starch.

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The head-teacher of IMG Moore Plantation School, expressed delight in the outcomes of the training and commended Henkel Nigeria for orgainising the initiative, which according to him was such a beneficial science-oriented session and a memorable World Children’s Day for the pupils.

“We are grateful to Henkel Nigeria for providing our students with this unique opportunity. The activities were engaging, and we believe this will have a positive impact on the children’s educational journey,” he said.

The International Week of Science and Peace and World Children’s Day celebration by Henkel Nigeria underscores the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its belief in the transformative power of education.

Through such initiatives, the company continues to make meaningful contributions to the communities in which it operates.

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With its brands, innovations and technologies, Henkel holds leading market positions worldwide in the industrial and consumer businesses. The Adhesive Technologies business unit is a global leader in the market for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings.

With Consumer Brands, the company holds leading positions especially in hair care and laundry and home care in many markets and categories around the world.