• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Trove finance launches micro-investing app

Trove finance launches micro-investing app

Trove finance, a micro-investing platform in Sub-Saharan Africa, virtually launched its new app and website in Lagos.

The app and website feature products such as; Trading-as-a-Service, Peer-to-Peer Funds Transfer, Trove Card Services, Trove for Business, Trove University, Stock Gifting, and Price Movement Alerts.

The Trove launched Trading-as-a-Service (TaaS) allows banks, asset managers, and fintechs to seamlessly integrate the trading of American, Chinese and Nigerian stocks, and ETFs.

Trove’s TaaS hosts the full capabilities of a fully functioning trading app from onboarding, compliance, original research, education, to other wealth management tools

The Peer-to-Peer Funds Transfer & Stocks Gifting feature enables users to send up to $5,000 to other Trove users at zero cost and also gift stocks with a maximum value of $5,000 to users and non-users of Trove.

The New Wallet System & Debit Cards has been updated to power more money operations for its users. Funds in users’ wallets could be used for trading and users also get access to a debit card – virtual or physical – powered by MasterCard, to utilize to make purchases and withdrawals anywhere in the world.

According to Desayo Ajisegiri, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Trove, “Actualizing Trove 2.0 required us to stretch as a team. We set out with the guiding principle to bring more possibilities to our users and break new grounds.

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Underserved customer segments, traditional financial institutions, and fintechs can now expand their service offerings with our Trading-as-a-Service APIs. Corporate entities can also now have access to intelligent trading offerings.”

“We believe every entity – personal or corporate, regardless of size – deserves to be a part of Trove’s world of possibilities. And we are glad to have achieved exactly that,” she said” Desayo Ajisegiri, the Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO), beamed.

While revelling in the moment stating that “Trove finance is the answer to Africa’s access to global investment opportunities”, Oluwatomi Solanke, CEO, hinted that this upgrade is only a step in the long evolutionary process for Trove.

Between this launch and its next announcement, the ambitious CEO stated that his team’s focus is “proliferating access to global investment opportunities to all of Africa, one country at a time”.

Additionally, users can initiate bills payments for their daily needs like Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon purchases, and social media ads payments.

Trove for Business is targeted to enable corporates, small businesses, cooperatives, and Trusts trade own stocks and ETFs without any personal liabilities involved.

The company is the freed education arm of Trove Finance for users across the continent with a goal to dispense financial education to a million Africans in the form of classes, cohort programs, bite-sized explainers, and talk shows.