• Monday, June 17, 2024
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Redwood Consulting obtains franchise for eLeader Retail Store Execution for Africa

Redwood Consulting obtains franchise for eLeader Retail Store Execution for Africa

eLeader, a global provider of mobile solutions that supports the implementation of sales strategy both on and off the field, is set to deliver global best practice services in Field Force Management (FFM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA), as it partners with Redwood Consulting in Nigeria.

An indigenous company from Poland, eLeader has continued to develop proprietary mobile solutions for 21 years across 80 countries globally.

International Sales Manager at eLeader, Olha Aladko stated that “Since the inception of the business in 2000, eLeader has continued to combine mobility with cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence. eLeader is a leading provider of SFA/FFM-class solutions including those based on AI, with each solution having a comprehensive set of tools for handling and optimizing all activities of the field force”.

With solutions tailored specifically to companies with teams of sales representatives, merchandisers and promoters, eLeader is the foundation of the eLeader Group that also delivers other tech-based solutions for mobile banking systems and solutions that robotize the development of business applications.

Through its partnership with Redwood Consulting Ltd, eLeader believes it is able to use the experience gained in Nigeria and worldwide to expand the possibilities of providing exceptional value to development-oriented producers, distributors, as well as retail chains.

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“For over 20 years eLeader has helped companies across the globe to manage and optimize their field operations, with tools such as eLeader Shelf Recognition AI auditing and reporting framework, an all-inclusive automated sales force automation app, and a mobile B2B retail platform. These and many more are the solutions eLeader, through Redwood Consulting, would be bringing to the Nigerian Market”, Aladko added.

Hannah Oyebanjo, MD, Redwood Consulting, stated that “The essence of this strategic partnership between eLeader and Redwood, is to offer tech-based solutions that will revamp the “brick and mortar” system that is somewhat prevalent in Nigeria’s retail sector”. According to Hannah, eLeader proves a great practice in helping companies across the globe manage and optimize their field operations, with tools that offer appreciable capabilities for automation, optimization, and enriching sales teams with actionable insights.

Backed with AI capabilities, activities such as Shelf Recognition, Mobile Monitoring, Retail Store Execution, B2B Retail communication, Customer Relationship Management would quickly remove a burden Business Professionals have to carry.

She noted that international partnerships such as this, have become important to business success post-COVID era, “the guaranteed survival of any business in the “new normal” is primarily hinged on the appreciation and adoption of tech-based solutions to connect seamlessly, and deliver optimum service to its ever-evolving consumers”.

eLeader ranks among the leading suppliers of Retail Store Execution solutions supporting the implementation of a sales strategy in the field. The continuously developed SFA/FFM mobile systems with artificial intelligence improving e.g. visual merchandising are recognized by global analytics companies (e.g. Gartner, POI) and have been implemented by international corporations in over 80 countries.