• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Platinum Hills introduces innovative granite delivery technology for African market


Platinum Hills Real Estate Limited, an indigenous Nigerian real estate company has introduced innovative technology to revolutionize granite delivery across Nigeria and Africa.

Established in 2018, the company recently marked a significant milestone with the launch of its innovative website, www.platinum.com.ng, with E-commerce functionality enabling customers to purchase granite products directly online, while making it easier for potential customers to find and learn about the granite vendor’s other products and services.

Omotayo Surmard Falana, chief executive officer said “Platinum Hills Real Estate Limited stands committed to its core principle: Unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We will continue to serve our customers the best way we can always.”

Furthermore, in a remarkable stride towards giving back to society, Platinum Hills is set to unveil its corporate social responsibility initiative, tagged, “Slum2home.” This ambitious project transcends mere business ventures, signalling the company’s deep-rooted commitment to societal advancement. ”

Slum2home” doubles as an NGO initiative, aimed at giving back to the community. The project’s core objective revolves around transforming selected slums across Africa, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide comfortable housing solutions for residents.

“At Platinum, we are not just focused on business growth; we are dedicated to making a tangible difference in people’s lives. The “Slum2home” project aligns with the company’s ethos, ensuring that progress and prosperity reach the underserved corners of the society,” Falana said.

Beyond geographical boundaries, Platinum Hills Real Estate Limited is dedicated to serving customers in Nigeria and the diaspora community. The company’s commitment to delivering unparalleled services resonates through its technological innovations and unwavering customer-centric approach.

Platinum Hills stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging technology to reshape the real estate sector while simultaneously spearheading impactful initiatives like “Slum2home.” As the company marches forward, its pledge to excellence and community empowerment remains resolute.

In a world where innovation meets compassion, Platinum Hills Real Estate Limited shines as a beacon of progress, transforming dreams into reality and paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in Nigeria and across Africa.